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Stephen Curry Set 5 New Records

The so-called big tree attracts the wind, this season, the Warriors great record, so they are treated as a variety of experts, talk of legend,nba 2k mt coins, but some people think that this indomitable warrior is able, because the level of the Union against lower than before. For contrast the warrior generals have said was "tired."


"We never said, 'We can beat what a great team, we better than them', we live in the moment. We just want to have the ability to write our own story." So Curry replied.


Based 28 data: Stephen Curry set many records

The Spurs against the Rockets, veteran Duncan in the first section on the contribution of a closure, capping his career up to 3000 times, ranking fifth in NBA history.

Duncan came in front of the four players are: Hakeem Olajuwon, nba coins for sale,Dikembe Mutombo, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Mark - Eaton.

In addition, the game, Duncan also surpassed rebounds - Karl Malone, history came sixth.

George 27 + 7 + 6 cold melon singer Pacers beat the Knicks

NBA regular season continues, the Pacers beat the Knicks 108-105 at home. nba2k 16 coins, This field is the first time this season the two teams played against, count, including the playoffs, the Pacers at home has defeated 10 consecutive opponents.

George Pacers 27 points, seven rebounds and six assists, Meyers - Turner 24 points and six rebounds, George - Hill 10 points;

Bucks forward to signing Novak and cut Coupland.

    Beijing February 23 , according to CBS Sports reported that the Milwaukee Bucks yesterday announced that they have signed veteran Steve - Novak ,[ nba 2k16 coins ] for which they laid off the team forward - Chris Copeland .
    In a trade deadline deal before the buzzer , the Thunder had to Novak Augustine sent Denver Nuggets in exchange for Randy - Randy Foye . But after the Nuggets did not choose to give Nowak left the veteran , but directly to its cut .

50 wins and 72 wins faster than the Bulls , Curry : hunger should remain.

    Beijing on February 23 , NBA regular season rematch , the Warriors cranked away victory over the Hawks 

made ​​the first 50 games of the season . Curry scored 36 points ,[ 2k16 mt] the Warriors nearly 23 opponents behind in 

sharing counter-attack . View interview after the game the game.
    Warriors current record is 50 wins and 5 losses , 50 wins when removing less than the 1995-96 season, 

Goodbye also as husband and wife,no Kobe Bryant without him.

    Lakers away to the Bulls , this is the - Kobe Bryant NBA career, the last station on the court of the United Center in Chicago , nba mt coins on sale,and also his best brother Paul - Gasol last direct dialogue in the NBA arena . Finally Kobe Bryant scored 22 points, Pau Gasol 21 points, just one less share , even say goodbye , it is still filled with couples like understanding.

Bryant and Duncan welcome 82nd showdown.

    Spurs and the Lakers , Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan this old rival 82nd fight . Duncan before 81 games against 42 wins and 39 losses got the upper hand,Buy nba 2k16 coins here.
    Bulls reversed Raptors , teenager McDermott won a career-high 30 points to refresh the scoring , before today , he did not take more than 20 minutes of the game .

King Bulls discuss the transaction , it is possible to return to the western Gasol.

    Yahoo Sports news , since Gasol will almost certainly advance out of next season worth $ 7.7 million contract , the Bulls trade rumors about him have become more and more, nba mt coins hot on sale recently.
    According to Yahoo sports news , bulls and more teams have discussed trading Gasol . Gasol latest scandal object was king , it was revealed trading scheme is the Bulls sent Pau Gasol and Tony - Snell , get Kings Costa - Ku Fusi , the - Mike Palermo and a 2016 10 protection the first-round pick .

Tiago splitter will accept hip surgery.

    Beijing on February 17 , Atlanta Hawks today officially announced that the team center Tiago - Split will receive hip surgery recently, nba 2k16 coins , and he will thus miss the remainder of the season, the Eagles all game.
    It is reported that after the injury , Split Has too much to ask the name of the relevant medical experts to confirm whether his injuries require surgery , the results after much deliberation , he finally made ​​the decision to undergo surgery .


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