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Pacers star Paul George, become the NBA2K16 mobile cover star.

    NBA 2K officially announced today that star Paul Walker - George became the NBA 2K16 cover star of NBA2K16 mobile nba 2k16 mt coins.
    George last season because of injury played only six games, played just 15.2 minutes 8.8 points 3.7 rebounds. 2K official said, NBA 2K16 mobile version will be released on October 1.

Rockets released three New Jersey black, Silver Edition debut

    On September 16, the rocket has released three new alternate jerseys. In addition to the original red and yellow color scheme, this also added a black and silver Jersey. Howard, motaiyounasi and rookie Sam Decker served as New Jersey's nba mt coins.
    Black alternate jerseys will be reported in the 2016-17 season debut, debut of the silver version of the Alternate Jersey in this year's November 26, and "key to the city" version of the jerseys of the earliest, which will debut on November 14.


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