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One of 50 Superstar of NBA: Jerry - West: personable Lakers Godfather

    In NBA history, there is such a player, he not only has a perfect jumper, but he still tenacious defense, he is a full perfectionist, and he will not bow to difficulties from, he is Jerry - Wei Manchester, having a unique position in the history of the great NBA point guard.

    In his 14-year career, the Lakers, the West let "wisdom" has become synonymous in modern basketball, he is NBA history to get 25,000 points three players (the first two are Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar - Robertson). In his career he has no one missed the mid-season All-Star Game, and he also led the Los Angeles Lakers have been to the finals nine times, in the 71-72 season, he led the Los Angeles Lakers is made as Cuikulaxiu over the 33-game winning streak. It is worth mentioning that he was the only one in the history of the finals from the losing team's MVP, while his image is now dribble the NBA logo.