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Each eight players in double king sent the Mavericks three straight two-game winning streak

Kings vs. Mavericks game at Sleep Train Arena. Kings 133-111 big win over the Mavericks. Won two straight opponents to send three straight.

King scored in double figures eight aspects, Demarcus - Cousins 20 points and 12 rebounds,nba coins for sale Rajon - Rondo 11 points, 1 assist, power - Cowley - Stan 21 points and 7 rebounds.

Mavericks also eight players in double figures, Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki 14 points and five rebounds, Wesley - Matthews 12 points, Raymond - Felton 15 points.

Warriors win over 76ers

This time, 76 people can create a surprise, the end of the Warriors home 52 winning streak it?buy nba 2k16 mt After opening the two teams play the exchange, but the strength of the gap was soon reflected, before 76 6 2 vote, the first 5 shots and the Warriors made 12-5 lead. 76 rocket Jiujiang become the main offensive firepower, especially in the cast Landry gave the Warriors bring a lot of trouble, the first section 6 minutes 53 seconds left, hit the third test Vinton, 76 people will score go-ahead to 16-15.

George Walker 24 7 negative Raptors

Walker opened the gap in the paint, Turner three-point play succeeded, Jordan - Hill hook shot, George also back singles nba 2k16 mt Pacers played 10-6 start. But since then, the Raptors improved defensive intensity, Scola is a continuous offensive fouls. And on the offensive end, the basket to get points Scola, Lowry soared in the third, the Raptors completed a 11-0 wave of attacks, and will be expanded once the advantage to double digits.

Jeremy key to winning free throws

The opening stage of the two teams defense useless, the Heat first 5 shots and hit four goals,nba 2k16 coins but only made 9-8 lead. Hornets pointers very accurate, before their third of 4 from 4, which allow them to go-ahead score to 14-9. Wade's desire to attack is not strong, but the defense is very tough, and shortly thereafter he blocks a Lee layup, and changed the game Trend - Hornets three consecutive missed shots also appeared 1 turnovers, the Heat completed a wave 9-0 offensive go-ahead score to 18-14.

Training Anti-stuffed positive consequences! Griffin comeback delayed the end of March

According to CBS Sports reported that the Clippers power forward Blake -buy nba 2k16 coins Griffin's injury recovery as optimistic as expected, he will continue to lack of war the end of March.

Although the Clippers Griffin missing from comparatively good record since the war, but when the main power forward back is still coach Doug - Rivers of heart disease.

4 6 war defeat is no guarantee that the western third Thunder plight of a person responsible for Durant

Yesterday's game with Minnesota Thunder lore opponents on the road, buy nba 2k16 mt coins nearly five war they have lost three games. Although successive defeat on the western ranks third, but after the Clippers eyeing them is very unfavorable.

Anthony: Rondo is suitable for our system

When it comes to the king guard Rajon - Long long time, Anthony said: "I think he is very suitable for our system."

Mavericks experienced baffled after half a season, Rondo king proved himself again. This season he averaged 11.8 points and a league-high 12 assists. Taking into account the problems in the Knicks point guard position, he may be a good supplement.


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