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George Walker 24 7 negative Raptors

Walker opened the gap in the paint, Turner three-point play succeeded, Jordan - Hill hook shot, George also back singles nba 2k16 mt Pacers played 10-6 start. But since then, the Raptors improved defensive intensity, Scola is a continuous offensive fouls. And on the offensive end, the basket to get points Scola, Lowry soared in the third, the Raptors completed a 11-0 wave of attacks, and will be expanded once the advantage to double digits. Before the end of the first, Jordan - Hill consecutive labeled second attack, the Pacers answered with 11-3 offensive, the Raptors only 25-27 behind.

Second section, the two teams offensive success rate is not high, the game play a bit dull. 6 minutes ago, the Pacers only hit two three-pointers, but fortunately the Raptors up points speed is not fast, missed a good opportunity to expand the advantage. Thereafter, both teams exchange the lineup, George hit consecutive jumpers, but also teammates fast-break points. Before halftime, the Pacers patient passing, George - Hill given the opportunity, he hit the bottom third, the Raptors team to a 46-43 lead.

Ex situ battles, had been plagued by foul trouble rookie Turner, consecutive jumpers and dumped, scored six points. Raptors did not play their overall offensive, DeRozan and Lori can choose singles, but the effect is not too good. Pacers offense did little better, George continuous shot, single scoreless. The two teams have a blacksmith, so Biyombo continuous brush rebounds, three quarters he grabbed a career-high 22 rebounds. Before the end of the section, the Raptors played a 8-0 offensive,nba 2k mt coins overtake the Pacers to 63-60.

Distal, Ross hit three-pointers, but the Pacers are at a critical moment in time to wake up. Myers broke out, he breaks, three free throws and chopped 7 points, George also hit the third. Pacers 12-4 wave of attacks to regain the lead. Call of Duty, DeRozan scored 8 consecutive points, the Pacers retaliate long shot when the game only become wonderful together. After Lori and George were three-point play succeeded, the score still deadlocked. Distal end 14 seconds Ellis made two free throws, the Pacers to tie the game. DeRozan vote of no buzzer, the two teams into overtime.

Overtime, Lori and DeRozan joint force, scored 12 points. And George still could not back feel,2kmt Walker reluctantly resorted to foul tactics. Ultimately, the Raptors rely on steady free throw, win over the Pacers.