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Warriors win over 76ers

This time, 76 people can create a surprise, the end of the Warriors home 52 winning streak it?buy nba 2k16 mt After opening the two teams play the exchange, but the strength of the gap was soon reflected, before 76 6 2 vote, the first 5 shots and the Warriors made 12-5 lead. 76 rocket Jiujiang become the main offensive firepower, especially in the cast Landry gave the Warriors bring a lot of trouble, the first section 6 minutes 53 seconds left, hit the third test Vinton, 76 people will score go-ahead to 16-15. After the game into a stalemate, after the first quarter 31-32 behind 76 only 1 point. It is worth mentioning that 76 people among which 31 points, 26 points before all get the rocket Jiujiang, where Smith got 11 points, Landry took 12 minutes, Covent Dayton has 3 points. Curry feel bad, the first section only took 3 points.

Warriors in the second section finally opened the score in this section 9 minutes 37 seconds left, another rocket Jiujiang Canaan play a quarter success,buy nba mt coins 76 people chase the score 40 level. Since then 76 people but four consecutive missed shots, appeared three-minute scoring drought, even with a fine cast Speights scored eight points to lead the Warriors shot a wave of 13-0 offensive opened the score. Warriors offense is really unstoppable, scoring after Speights, Thompson has hit four goals in a row, Curry scored eight points back feel. In this section 4 minutes 03 seconds, Curry hit three outside, this is the first one-third of his game, completing 143 consecutive games for Houston-thirds feat. Since then the Warriors will be expanded once the advantage to 19 points, Curry buzzer midfielder thirds covered, and after they get 71-55 halftime lead.

76ers starting lineup in the first half of play was good, but unfortunately they can not keep the Warriors bench bench, the third quarter is still the case in the third quarter with 6 minutes 05 seconds, Smith assists Bland jumper 76 people hit a wave of 9-2 offensive to chase the score 68-80. But in the next 1 minute and 03 seconds, the Warriors answered with 7-0 offensive. In this section 43.1 seconds left, after Barbosa layup, the Warriors 95-76 and scored 19 points advantage. After three sessions, the Warriors 96-79 to stay ahead.

For the first time this season the two teams clash, 76 people played in the fourth quarter the score 33-17, almost created a big upset. In Canaan 5 consecutive free throws after the ball when the game left 10 minutes 04 seconds, 76 people will chase the score 88-99. However, the Warriors did not give the opportunity to 76,nba mt coins Thompson scored 10 points, left in the game 5 minutes 33 seconds, the Warriors 111-94 in turn opened the score. Left in the game 1 minute 56 seconds, the Warriors will expand the advantage to 18 points, then they will Curry and other main benched. Warriors 117-105 win over the final 76 people, 76 people swept consecutive three seasons.