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Jeremy key to winning free throws

The opening stage of the two teams defense useless, the Heat first 5 shots and hit four goals,nba 2k16 coins but only made 9-8 lead. Hornets pointers very accurate, before their third of 4 from 4, which allow them to go-ahead score to 14-9. Wade's desire to attack is not strong, but the defense is very tough, and shortly thereafter he blocks a Lee layup, and changed the game Trend - Hornets three consecutive missed shots also appeared 1 turnovers, the Heat completed a wave 9-0 offensive go-ahead score to 18-14. In the first section of 3 minutes 49 seconds left, replaced Li Lin played, shortly after he had hit a record high hit board dumped. The two sides into the melee, Lin grab a chance to attack, but unfortunately failed to hit a jumper, then he mistakes, the first section after the Hornets to 26-29 behind.

A second section up to Jefferson storm succeeded, but Jeremy Lin fell into the doldrums, mistakes were capping layup after the emergence, in 6 minutes left in this section, Whiteside attack succeeded basket,nba mt coins the Heat completed a wave of 16-2 offensive, pulled the score to 45-30. But Whiteside received three fouls end, it has become a turning point in the game. After Whiteside end, the Hornets decisively strengthen the impact on the inside, in this post-holiday six minutes, the man and even a walker took 13 points with a fine cast, under his leadership the Hornets shot a wave of 24-7 offensive climax, the go-ahead score at halftime was 54-52. Lin returned to the field again in this section, 3 minutes 52 seconds left in the half after he had only 2 points, 2 rebounds, 2 turnovers and 1 assist performance.

Section two teams start to form an interpenetrating soared mode, Williams hit two three-pointers after the Hornets made 69-65 lead. Lin returned to the field after a pause, he had lost the offensive end Stoudemire, but unfortunately there is not even on the basket over. Lin no chance on the offensive end, defensive end can only be said to be due diligence, an attack Wade prepare jump shot, Lin behind the action have a disturbing result Wade bad, but also fell Siyangbacha. During Wade's offensive series of setbacks, Batum hit the third, Walker layup, the Hornets opened the score to 76-68. Kaminski also has performed well, after he completed three consecutive offensive, the Hornets with a 82-73 lead into the fourth.

Hornets end 14-game losing streak earlier in Miami do? Distal start the Heat shot 9-3 offensive to chase the score 82-85, but also put the game into a white-hot stage. Left in the game 1 minute 50 seconds, Deng hit two free throws, the Heat will chase the score 100-103. Thereafter Jefferson layup, Wade missed a jumper, Lee also missed a jumper, but Deng is not in shooting. After a Miami anti Hornets 24 seconds Whiteside Jefferson cause foul, he made two free throws after the Heat only three points behind. Heat immediately take the foul tactics, Williams missed two free throws critical moment, Whiteside grabbed the rebound, the Heat immediately requested a suspension.

To suspend Hou Weide a quick two points, the Heat foul again, Jeremy Lin made two free throws, the Hornets 107-104 three-point lead, the game time left 9.7 seconds. Hou Weide suspended again a 2 points,nba coins for sale Deng Lin and then to foul, Jeremy Lin is also two free throws. Time 3.8 seconds left in the game, Wade last moment not in the third, the Hornets thrilling win, ending a 14-game losing streak in Miami.