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4 6 war defeat is no guarantee that the western third Thunder plight of a person responsible for Durant

Yesterday's game with Minnesota Thunder lore opponents on the road, buy nba 2k16 mt coins nearly five war they have lost three games. Although successive defeat on the western ranks third, but after the Clippers eyeing them is very unfavorable.

Last although Durant scored 28 points and 6 rebounds last 50 consecutive games scoring 20, become after Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan, NBA history third place in two different seasons can be at least 50 consecutive games scoring 20 points on the player . But he also had a team-high six turnovers.

After losing the initiative to embrace the responsibility Durant, he repeatedly said, "all my fault, I hope I can get back in better shape. I have to see the video. I have to learn to control failures as a leader, I mistakes hurt the team a lot, I have to take full responsibility. "in the last five games,2k16 mt Durant has emerged up to 32 turnovers. The haze Today, he can sweep between enemies Spurs led the Thunder to win?

The campaign was served, Durant feel not very good, he played very cautious. After the half-section of the game after the break dunk before he scored his first ball of the game, but his next shot several times failed to scored.

II began Durant will debut his first two shots failed to hit, played less than three minutes, he was Westbrook who replaced.

Durant did not take long to return to court, he then assists Westbrook hit a jumper, followed by another two of them fit, Durant again a dunk. Shooting accuracy, the road between the layup and then, Durant has opened a personal attack mode, he got 10 points in this section, the Thunder also lead the Spurs to 49-45.

Durant individual score at the same time, he continued to create opportunities for his teammates. Three quarters Durant dished out 8 assists, repeatedly Adams connection, so you can get very comfortable hand; but also to the vacancy Robertson sent pass, the latter catcher leash.

Three have not been mistakes down Durant, the Thunder also has a 2-point lead.

But the Spurs will be dishing up a distal 5 2 anti strategy, Durant was the other guard against two successive steals. With David - West consecutive score, Tie Lin hit a key three-pointers, and the Spurs opened the score reversed. Thunder did not find a good way to score, although Durant quickly stood up,cheap nba mt coins dumped fast break hit a ball hard, but whenever Durant the ball, the Spurs will be the two teamed up, do not let him shot, as Westbrook has also been locked opponents.