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Gordon reimbursement finger surgery successful season - Eric

New Orleans Pelicans team announced that the team guard Eric - Gordon in the afternoon local time successfully received surgery to repair his right hand ring finger 2k mt coins He will therefore miss the rest of the season all the games.

Gordon this summer will be a non-restricted free agent this season, he played 45 games for the pelicans, averaging 32.9 minutes 15.4 points within 2.7 assists and 2.4 rebounds and 1 steal. 27-year-old Gordon has been in Pelican spent five seasons, but he had no more than 64 games a season attendance.

In addition to Gordon, Tyreke - Evans (right knee), Quincy - Pondexter (left knee) and Blythe - gotta get - Jones claims (right wrist) have been the season.

Pelican players this season, missed the screening of up to 183 total games the past three seasons they have this list in two seasons ranked among the top-five. Also this season, they had to use 28 different starting lineup, and 76 tied for the league.

Because he has suffered a large area of ​​injury, injury Pelican won a special case,nba 2k16 coins they used this injury exception signed defender Orlando - Johnson, the two sides signed a 10-day contract.

Pelican is currently 24 wins and 38 losses record, ranked No. 12 in Western China.