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Roundtable: Thunder are a good team?

After a defeat last week, Kevin - Durant said the Thunder want to be a good team,nba 2k16 mt but they are just fooling themselves. Thunder in the end it is not a good team, they are deceiving themselves do? Beijing March 10, NBA official website brings together major experts expressed their respective views on this issue.

David Aldridge, TNT analyst: Unless you play a medium level of defense, otherwise you can not be called a good team (Thunder lost points in the league 19, 13 in defensive efficiency in the league). In other words, the Warriors face a 0-3 team can be called excellent it? At the same time a team has Kevin - Durant and Russell - Westbrook, you always infinitely close to excellent. But unless the Thunder find how to get all the players together in a sustained offensive way, I do not think they will go further in the playoffs. Thunder recently given Sergio - ibaka more offensive opportunities (in the past 10 games, averaging more than 10 shots), this is the right direction.

Steve Aschburner, NBA official website: We are so easy to define a team as "excellent" the. Thunder this absolutely can not be called "excellent." This season, the league only two "excellent" team, which has to be more than most of the season. Where a is the San Antonio Spurs, but they may be preparing for the playoffs as in the regular season the last one to two weeks holiday of their players, which can cause them to decline on 2k mt coins If Spurs want to beat the Warriors, they need to "excellent team" in the title away from him warrior. But if the Thunder win the final, they will be treated as "nouveau riche", west suddenly let the strongest teams playing with toys.

Fran Blinebury, NBA official website: Thunder self-deception has been a burst of children. They have two good players, but not a complete team. Even Kevin - Durant and Russell - Westbrook has another outstanding individual talent, they are unlikely in the era of the Spurs and the Warriors to win the championship. For an "elite team" is concerned, they are too easy to lose in the fourth quarter lead, because they are too dependent on Durant and Westbrook hit a key shot at the last moment. There are too many players around them have only one end of the offensive and defensive skills. This is for every game is very dangerous, this team structure can not let them win in the playoffs 16 victories.

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA official website: No, they are not a good team. But they may become very good in the playoffs. They have the potential, but not (good team). Nevertheless, there is absolutely no self-deception Thunder. Donovan Durant and the Thunder coach never escape the fact that the season is not stable enough,cheap nba mt coins even in the first half of the season they won a lot of victories. But as the race gets tough, problems are exposed. In some ways the team appeared very struggle, but the courage to face the reality of their advantages.