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99% of the effort helpless one percent talent explosion,Curry with a defensive third of conquest.

    Warriors leading the wave of small ball system the league , but the Jazz still adhere to the new season, the traditional double inside 2k16 mt coins on sale. Unique and different from the past classic lineup that big center Rudy - Goebel height and arm length , moving faster than the defensive end can cover a larger area of traditional center .
    In the game we can often see Curry and Green after the pick and roll , Goebel takeover Curry, to the latter created a lot of trouble.

Warcraft talk Bryant : He spent an amazing career.

    Beijing time on November 30 , when the Rockets 116-111 road win over the Knicks added , won two straight . Rockets center Howard interview after the game , refused to talk about today announced his retirement after the season - Kobe 2k16 mt coins on sale with fast delivery.
    When asked what has not learned from the Kobe Bryant , Howard smiled and responded : "Brother , ah, we go to the next question now ." Next is a brief cold field .

At the time an hour before the game

Benitez's servant, also lets players completely impossible to understand. Compared to Barcelona and Real Madrid have an advantage in the play. Neymar, Alvis, Javier Mascherano to return to South America to play World Cup qualifier, pique, and Sergio Busquets and Andres Iniesta, and Baltra and Alba are inducted into the Spain team. Teacher of fatigue than Barca, Real Madrid player better overall condition.

But the irony is, when Gerard pique then flashed five fingers mountain

In four goals, Harvey loves white world: "these balls are very beautiful, but Andres Iniesta's shot was so amazing that line between he and Sergio Busquets, neymar is great. I think the whole team gets 10 points out, including goalkeeper Bravo. fifa 16 coins online Only regret is that Javier Mascherano left because of injury, but the team really are very good. ¡±

Another holiday ! Duncan & Manu the lack of war Nuggets.

    Beijing time on November 27 , the Spurs officially announced that Tim - Tim Duncan and Manu - Manu Ginobili will not play tomorrow and the Nuggets , the team reason given is " resting ." nba 2k16 coins on sale with fast delivery.
    Duncan field this season, averaging data to achieve quasi-two pairs of horizontal , 10 points, 8.2 rebounds and 1.7 blocked shots . And Ginobili field can contribute 11.4 points, 3.3 assists , because bilateral hip before he strained truce over two games .

Griffin 18+10 double rate of 6 people, the Clippers sent Nuggets 4 defeats.

    Beijing time on November 25 , the Clippers beat the Nuggets away 111-94 , ending three -game losing streak of four straight opponents while sending . buy cheap nba 2k16 mt coins with fast delivery.
    Clippers Griffin 18 points and 10 rebounds , Redick 16 points, Paul 15 points and 10 assists and 3 steals , assists Clippers history rose to second , 18 points and 11 rebounds , Jordan ( 12 of 25 shooting free throws ) .

24th data: James historical assists ranked 25th.

    Section Knights game against the Magic , LeBron - James sent him to the Carrefour campaign first 5 assists , this assists in his career the first time 6387 , he surpassed Nome - Nixon , came in NBA history at No. 25 assists. buy nba 2k16 mt coins with cheap price.
    LeBron - James and the legendary Big O Oscar - Robertson , before becoming the only two assists in NBA history to score and history are ranked 25 players .


James Wong apologized for his behavior , Blatter joked that puck Substitution.

  According to " Cleveland Plain Dealer " reported yesterday Cavaliers beat the Hawks in the game, LeBron - James had a self- end break , leading the Cavaliers to eat a technical foul. Buy cheap nba 2k16 mt coins.In this regard, James apologized to his teammates after the game , but Cavaliers coach David - Blatter also use a joke to defuse the incident.

20th Data: Rondo 18 assists a season-high.

    Today there are three games , which together have a wonderful view of the data :
    In the king 's game with the Heat , Rondo audience 14 points and 9 rebounds 18 assists , assists create a season-high , and this is the 11th time in his career single-game assists 18+ .buy nba 2k16 mt coins with fast delivery.
    Knight Bucks ,Matthew Dellavedova in the fourth quarter sent the first 13 assists , his career high.

hoping to stay for a long time the defense of the new ACE

Of the football market manolas is contained in a map of Europe, from cost considerations, Greece who are Europe's top central defender as well. The star guard of the media cited a number of high-value: Paris to create Louis, majinaosi and Thiago Silva, fifa 16 coins the Brazil defense, spent more than € 135 million; Everton Defender stone prices had been pushed up to 40 million euros, Manchester City takeover Mangala and Otamendi spent 82 million euros.


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