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Superstar debut "NBA2K16" career mode exposure opening

After a long period of time in individual player Soon after, 2K Games has finally released up to three minutes of real machine trailer, and fully demonstrated the "NBA 2K16" star player lineup, including the bearded Harden, Curry, James and eyebrows brother Davis et al successive stage, we see all kinds of flying dunks; third of quasi-lore.

In addition, "NBA 2K16" Stadium interactive elements also done very place, including the live wire, the audience cheer and rally stars have demonstrated the very natural action, which will undoubtedly enhance the game for the players the sense of substitution.

Finally, "NBA 2K16" will be landing on September 29 Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and PC platforms, gamers can pre-order the game four days ahead of time to experience the game.