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FIFA16 videos, Bryant show precise footwork.

EA company has released a new game of the famous FIFA16 's official commercials today, Lakers star Kobe Bryant guest appearances among them,buy nba 2k16 mt coins,with cheap price and fast delivery.Kobe also show great footwork.
    FIFA16 the official commercials led by Messi and Aguero, duration for 1 minute and 57 seconds. Into in the commercials in the middle of Bryant, after his basketball half-court shot sling the football directly into the basket. Kobe Bryant showed up for only a few seconds, but his support is enough to foot the fans ' appetite.
    There is no doubt that Kobe has not so fantastic shooting skill, all thanks to the computer-as-granting. This conjures up a couple of years ago, Kobe Bryant leap coaster scene in the ad, of course, thanks to the stunt complete picture that is Kobe mt coins hot on sale.
    It is worth mentioning that, Kobe Bryant authentic football fans, his team was Messi to play for Spanish giants Barcelona, so the cameo as reasonable.