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Nick Young clashed with someone at the bar.

  According to US website TMZ reported, NBA training camp before the new season started later this month, the Los Angeles Lakers player Nick - Young is no good to stay in the arena to step up training, but in the bar and others from the mt coins hot on sale.
  According to website TMZ got the news, over the weekend, Nick - Young clashed with someone in a bar in Los Angeles. When out of the bar, his mood difficult to calm down, witnesses publish live video from the point of view, Nick - Young performance was very excited, I saw him constantly directed at people in conflict with his foul language explosion occurred, but also tried to buckle down onto the frame, Some are blocked entourage, which did not allow escalation of the conflict.
  The cause of the conflict is still unknown, but Nick - Young's mood has clearly reached a runaway state. Video Display: Yang and his buddies even clashed, and toward the other side threw a water bottle.
  Eventually, with the advent of the Los Angeles police to quell the situation. Police request the parties have left the scene, and everyone is very complex, and therefore no one was arrested.