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Based 28 data: Stephen Curry set many records

The Spurs against the Rockets, veteran Duncan in the first section on the contribution of a closure, capping his career up to 3000 times, ranking fifth in NBA history.

Duncan came in front of the four players are: Hakeem Olajuwon, nba coins for sale,Dikembe Mutombo, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Mark - Eaton.

In addition, the game, Duncan also surpassed rebounds - Karl Malone, history came sixth.

Bull against the Pacers, Paul - Gasol scored a triple-double, 22 points and 16 rebounds and 14 assists, which was the first triple-double of his career with the Bulls. Wherein a career-high 14 assists. Gasol is the fourth time this season, the league played at least 19 points and 15 rebounds and 14 assists players from 2010 to before the start of the season, the league has no such data.

Since the Rockets lost to the Spurs, according to the relationship between the outcome, Warriors 52 wins and 5 losses ahead of lock playoff spot.

Curry single-game three-pointers in 12 of 16 shots, 12 three-pointers tied the single-game record (Kobe Bryant and Donyell - Marshall), nba 2k mt,season 288 three-pointers to break the record (he kept 286).

1) 12 single-game three-pointers (tied);


2) 288 third of the season (refresh & personal league record);


3) the fifth career single-game three-pointers 10+, no other player more than 3 times;


4) history of the first back to back threes 10+ players;


5) personal career longest consecutive games scoring 40 + 3;