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Bucks forward to signing Novak and cut Coupland.

    Beijing February 23 , according to CBS Sports reported that the Milwaukee Bucks yesterday announced that they have signed veteran Steve - Novak ,[ nba 2k16 coins ] for which they laid off the team forward - Chris Copeland .
    In a trade deadline deal before the buzzer , the Thunder had to Novak Augustine sent Denver Nuggets in exchange for Randy - Randy Foye . But after the Nuggets did not choose to give Nowak left the veteran , but directly to its cut .
    Novak has a first-hand accurate three-pointers, but because of his own shortcomings on the defensive end to make it difficult for him to get some stability in the Thunder playing time . Novak on behalf of the Thunder this season, played a total of seven times , and averaged 3.4 minutes of playing time, he can contribute to the team 2.4 points, three hit rate of 55.6% .
    In Beijing this morning end of the game , the Bucks final at home to 108-101 Lectra Lakers , Novak campaign ushered to join the Bucks debut , today he played a total of 1 minute 24 seconds , 1 0 vote , did not score recorded,Buy nba mt coins here.