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Goodbye also as husband and wife,no Kobe Bryant without him.

    Lakers away to the Bulls , this is the - Kobe Bryant NBA career, the last station on the court of the United Center in Chicago , nba mt coins on sale,and also his best brother Paul - Gasol last direct dialogue in the NBA arena . Finally Kobe Bryant scored 22 points, Pau Gasol 21 points, just one less share , even say goodbye , it is still filled with couples like understanding.
    Before the game , the Bulls prepare video full of warmth , Derek - Ross and Paul - Gasol Kobe Bryant made ​​a high evaluation , and Pau Gasol Kobe Bryant played presentation is so many fans love their tears surplus orbital !
    Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol each other the most knowledgeable people . In many people 's minds, "Bryant alone is the king of iron ; Gasol is soft egg ." However , Bryant said: "Paul - Gasol NBA is the toughest player ! " ; Gasol said - although it somewhat flattering ingredients , but they are to each other , "Bryant has already gone beyond Michael Jordan ! " most people know is an indisputable fact ! They have on different occasions the most when it comes to the other side to understand themselves. Buy nba mt coins here.
    Today, Kobe is about to leave the NBA arena , and Paul - Gasol this summer may be able to get a piece of paper about . NBA may never occur such as Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol brothers , friendship between them than anyone else !