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50 wins and 72 wins faster than the Bulls , Curry : hunger should remain.

    Beijing on February 23 , NBA regular season rematch , the Warriors cranked away victory over the Hawks 

made ​​the first 50 games of the season . Curry scored 36 points ,[ 2k16 mt] the Warriors nearly 23 opponents behind in 

sharing counter-attack . View interview after the game the game.
    Warriors current record is 50 wins and 5 losses , 50 wins when removing less than the 1995-96 season, 

the Bulls lost a . Curry said. " 50 wins is great, but we have to continue to work hard to maintain a sense 

of hunger , because nobody wanted to June, when it comes to this ."
    Hawks in the game was played 28-6 score climax , the fourth quarter was the Warriors go-ahead . Kohl 

coach said . "I like our response , they feel hot at home . A lot of things went against us , but we carry 

over. This victory is very great ."
    The Atlanta hawks coach, holzer like the performance of the team in the third quarter. "The third quarter is that we want to see." Buy cheap nba 2k16 mt coins .