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Stephen Curry Set 5 New Records

The so-called big tree attracts the wind, this season, the Warriors great record, so they are treated as a variety of experts, talk of legend,nba 2k mt coins, but some people think that this indomitable warrior is able, because the level of the Union against lower than before. For contrast the warrior generals have said was "tired."


"We never said, 'We can beat what a great team, we better than them', we live in the moment. We just want to have the ability to write our own story." So Curry replied.


Then, today we witnessed the library to write their own history. 12 single-game three-pointers tied Kobe Bryant and Marshall's history first record 288 three-pointers to break the single-season record their best to keep the history (the history of the top three are his), the first five career single-game hit 10 more than one-third (other league players are often no more than three times), hit two consecutive three-pointers over 10 players into the first person in history, three consecutive games scoring 40 + record breaking career ......