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Artificial flooring sales growth

According to the State Forestry Administration statistics, China's plywood sales from 2007 to 8,804.20 million cubic meters, an increase to 272 million cubic meters in 2012, an average annual compound growth rate of over 20%. But by the domestic real estate regulation policy and international economic situation,buy pvc deck online since the beginning of 2010, plywood sales growth has been slowing down trend.

Choose flooring or tiles

particularly worth mentioning is that the high-density sheet use, while maintaining a comfortable foot feeling enhanced wear resistance, making everyday wear floor only appear on the surface, it does not cause cracking phenomenon, both to ensure the comfort, but also solved the wear, and will not appear sharp angle , without any harm.

good wood floor choose

We have learned various leaders and experts to establish a good working relationship with them in carrying out the actual work, but we have no chance in such a very formal occasion announcement. It is envisaged that the mechanism of development indicators, vision and direction of development, we are ready to add the following several leaders and experts as Deputy Secretary-General. ???

wood floor sale

[Fan Youqin]: The first is our heavy wood ants, hard corrosion, resistance to deformation than the strong, clear color and texture, beauty, changeable; good dimensional stability, strong climate adaptability.It is because the color is relatively heavy, the floor surface covering strong, stable and elegant, environmental performance is very high, so popular decoration and have the baby's maternal family of all ages.

The latest method of laying wood floors have?

As a new type of environmentally friendly bamboo flooring fashion home floor decoration materials, developed several years to install wood flooring industry is constantly upgraded and its optimization in order to facilitate better and more aspects of their future use. Method of laying wood floors to the present, has formed its own law laying an optimal installation, then the method laid latest bamboo flooring have? See Xiao Bian analysis below.
Method of laying a wood floor: dragon skeleton installation method.
Installation of preparatory work:


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