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particularly worth mentioning is that the high-density sheet use, while maintaining a comfortable foot feeling enhanced wear resistance, making everyday wear floor only appear on the surface, it does not cause cracking phenomenon, both to ensure the comfort, but also solved the wear, and will not appear sharp angle , without any harm. When people on the floor too "expansive" impression is completely eliminated, in the face of a cold rough housing, cover wood retaining wallimprove its comfort and warmth index, what would you choose? Meet the "four good" geothermal floor So if you still think the shop floor to warm above will be deformed, then you are completely OUT! Because professional geothermal floor had come out, and after testing the market performance is very stable. So why is mounted to warm to select the floor?

Professionals, and now, geothermal floor price is reasonable, not people think Unattainable; feature wood flooring material itself to play a holding role in indoor temperature, more low-carbon energy; wooden floor feel better and beneficial to the human body, installation also convenient, easy to warm after-sales service operations. So, how consumers choose to heat the floor? In fact, geothermal floor meet conventional quality indicators, it must also meet the four characteristics: 1, excellent thermal cooling performance: wood and bamboo are good natural materials, heat transfer through the floor to the ground surface, there must be heat loss, the ideal floor can minimize the loss. So in order to reduce heat loss and reduce heating operation and maintenance expenses, floor heating floor inevitable "option is not selected thin thick."

2, material stability is better: to heat the floor using a complex environment, the non-heating season ground to withstand moisture, while heating surface temperature suddenly rises again, the floor is bound to withstand temperature, dual humidity changes. So geothermal floor must be good material stability. 3, heat resistance and moisture-proof stronger: integrated composite flooring use adhesives, adhesive must meet environmental protection,horizontal wood plank walls bonding strength, high temperature and humidity aging of these three indicators. Especially for geothermal floor is concerned, go through high humidity, low temperature experiments, if the ordinary adhesive, environmental indicators, moisture resistance, resistance to aging, swelling etc. can not be reached. 4, wear resistance is long: Due to heat the floor should be thin not thick, so the composite surface layer generally 0.3-0.6 mm as well. Paint surface abrasion values ​​than the traditional main index higher.