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Artificial flooring sales growth

According to the State Forestry Administration statistics, China's plywood sales from 2007 to 8,804.20 million cubic meters, an increase to 272 million cubic meters in 2012, an average annual compound growth rate of over 20%. But by the domestic real estate regulation policy and international economic situation,buy pvc deck online since the beginning of 2010, plywood sales growth has been slowing down trend. 2012, China's artificial Plate production and sales were 286 million cubic meters and 272 million cubic meters, an increase of 21.56% and 17.17% respectively. With the slowdown in downstream demand panel products, as well as people's health increasingly demanding environmentally friendly products, wood-based panel industry structural overcapacity phenomenon is increasingly clear;

plus raw material prices and rising labor costs, plywood manufacturers greater operating pressure. The future of wood-based panel manufacturers to achieve development in an unfavorable business environment, the need to integrate timber resources and to build long-term stability of timber procurement security system, improve environmental performance, accelerate the pace of new product development, enhance brand awareness. View: China's plywood production due to lower trade barriers, are fully competitive industry, general industry showing individual total surplus of products, excessive competition and low-end market is highly competitive, slightly less than the high-end market supply situation.

At present, China has become the world's wood-based panel manufacturing superpower, China's plywood industry has entered a rapid development period from maturity, with the capacity to invest in pre-release energy gradually, plywood industry is also increasingly fierce market competition.If the business inadequate preparation, then sudden peak sales will give delivery, installation tremendous pressure, too fast construction is also likely to affect the quality of construction, paving and practical problems. Xiaoze Jun said the service is a real system, timely delivery? Installation Manager is standard?buy wood deck online Maintenance service has not in place? Value-added services can follow up? Each link is a test of the enterprise. Therefore, not all businesses have to buy the factory strength to do. "Golden September and Silver October," the traditional home improvement upcoming season, flooring companies turn what new form for the industry, as consumers more surprises? We'll see.