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wood floor sale

[Fan Youqin]: The first is our heavy wood ants, hard corrosion, resistance to deformation than the strong, clear color and texture, beauty, changeable; good dimensional stability, strong climate adaptability.It is because the color is relatively heavy, the floor surface covering strong, stable and elegant, environmental performance is very high, so popular decoration and have the baby's maternal family of all ages. Heavy wood ants wood flooring is not only suitable for modern minimalist decor, but also for Chinese, European style, which we launched the first star of the floor.Our laminate flooring using wood sanding synthetic woodfiber content of 98% of the high green paint materials and improved importing urea-formaldehyde glue, grafting under clean environment, slotting production to ensure product's environmental indicators better than the national standard E1-class, even to Europe E0, do allow customers immediately after the decoration can bag check, feel the breath of wood floors.

Sohu Reporter: This year, EMC has become the only "children's room decoration Recommended flooring brand," Shun the floor of the children have what advantage? [Fan Youqin]: the home life of heavy metals, harmful gases has become a major killer of children's health. Solid wood flooring produced by natural wood processing, is a unique natural product. Since natural wood itself does not contain heavy metals, in the production process does not use glue to produce formaldehyde, formaldehyde and heavy metals to avoid the pollution of home improvement is possible.

Coupled with the long-term growth in wood formed during the natural texture and color of children's intellectual development and mental health had a positive effect; in particular timber contains "phytoncid" and "aromatic tincture", can has played the role of Anshen static gas. The timber of vitality and breathing, not only does not pollute the home improvement, and can absorb indoor air of harmful substances, purifying the air, especially for home decoration.Hollow structural timber cells, it has a unique elasticity that enables children safer. The timber capacity regulation indoor temperature and humidity, 12x12 pool deck planscan provide children with a nurturing environment for children. According to statistics, a good environment regulation, very natural texture, warmer wood flooring has become the preferred health advocates environmentalists, is a major factor for children's bedrooms (children's room renovation renderings) decoration.