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The latest method of laying wood floors have?

As a new type of environmentally friendly bamboo flooring fashion home floor decoration materials, developed several years to install wood flooring industry is constantly upgraded and its optimization in order to facilitate better and more aspects of their future use. Method of laying wood floors to the present, has formed its own law laying an optimal installation, then the method laid latest bamboo flooring have? See Xiao Bian analysis below.
Method of laying a wood floor: dragon skeleton installation method.
Installation of preparatory work:
1, flat floor, keep the floor was uneven and not clean;
2, with asphalt lacquer ground 1-2 enlightenment and dry.
3, with 3mm thick foam plates with plastic paper shop floor should be smooth, do not overlap, do not wrinkle.
4, prepare a number of 1.2 × 1.2cm fir stand.
5, installed keel. (Keel need to use difficult to deformation of the timber, and on the ground put the right amount of moisture absorbent)
When the bamboo flooring installation:
1, the amount of good size, reasonable timber. (All cut off of the plate, its cross-section must be sealed with a varnish to prevent moisture.)
2, the fir is positioned around the foot of the wall section, longitudinal begin paving. The first piece of bamboo flooring tongue and groove fir against groove surface, followed by tongue and groove connection moderately convex face knocking tight close shop. According to the length of the short board room need truncated lateral wall in roofing unit. (Bamboo flooring laying transverse joints staggered.)
3, bamboo flooring After installation, the fir plate removed.
4, the wall surrounded by the entire piece floor manor gussets to cover the joints. Use wood screws or bamboo stick to corner plate mounted on the wall, bamboo wood screws or available at the point of near-color paint coating. The last plane to corner decorative plates with the same thickness of the wood line.[url=]PROJECT IN RUSSIA, outdoor deck[/url]
Two bamboo floor paving method: fixed installation method.
1, the mounting surface repair flat, thoroughly dry and clean.
2, spread on the ground floor linoleum or moisture-proof paper, ordinary strip (keel) is fixed to the concrete floor, keel spacing is generally advisable to 30cm.
3, with 1cm of plywood laid on wood and fixed, and then the plywood bamboo floor coverings, public place with a little tongue-iron set can.
4, bamboo flooring bamboo cut position to edible vegetable oil, in order to avoid complex wave. Perimeter of the floor leaving 1-1.5cm expansion joints, install anchor line.[url=]Cheap Deck Flooring,Cheap Deck Flooring For Sale[/url]
Three bamboo floor paving method: suspended mounting method.
Bamboo flooring installation method does not require suspension keel, do not need to pave the panel, no nailing, no sanding, no painting, is a time-saving installation method cut corners to save money.
For now bamboo flooring installation method, the time being only these three kinds of installation method. Users wood flooring according to their time, preferences and economic level to decide bamboo flooring installation method.