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We have learned various leaders and experts to establish a good working relationship with them in carrying out the actual work, but we have no chance in such a very formal occasion announcement. It is envisaged that the mechanism of development indicators, vision and direction of development, we are ready to add the following several leaders and experts as Deputy Secretary-General. ??? Chen Shaozhi: We have long to several hard work and strong support for the Secretary-General expressed his thanks, but also look forward to several of the Secretary-General to play a greater role in the next phase exterior wall composite materials usaof work among. Today, we are invited to the entrepreneurs and three experts in the forestry industry are highly influential three companies to explain their understanding of the current situation and prospects of the development prospects of the industry. First of the first entrepreneur, Albert D. Wood Co., general manager of Zhejiang, his speech entitled "In the changing international market to stay ahead, Companion of action and change." Albert D. Wood: Leaders, distinguished guests, colleagues to friends, Hello, everyone afternoon!

Thanks committee to give us a valuable opportunity to showcase our business. There may be a lot of friends here in our company do not know, first of all, allow me to briefly introduce you to our company. Zhejiang good friend Wood Industry Ltd. was established in 2003, this year happens to be the 10th anniversary of the establishment of our company, the company is located in the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed rail Nanhu District Jiaxing City over the shangxingzhen first town, is the production of multi-layer composite flooring professional enterprises. In 2012 the company achieved sales of 350 million yuan and exports 50 million US dollars, China exported to the United States for many years is a multilayer composite flooring production ranked first manufacturer, we expect sales growth in 2013 will be more than 20%.

The company has received well-known trademarks in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang famous brand, national high-tech enterprise, China quality of corporate integrity, quality and service integrity and commitment to the country dozens of honorary title of excellence enterprises.Application of the company's computerized accounting and ERP systems play an important role, especially ERP systems, as clear providing data integrity, accuracy, and logical relations, further increased thebrick wall panel manufacturers credibility of the data. Fifth, take advantage of international trade rules, an appeal if necessary. March 31, 2011 and May 19 US Department of Commerce anti-dumping countervailing make arbitration, Albert D. Wood countervailing zero tax rate, although the company received tax rate is relatively low, but the lawyers learned that the investigation agency to make serious decisions The illogical situation, the company's management decided to continue to appeal, it is also made relatively good progress.