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Brand flooring industry lacks originality

In China flooring industry, manufacturing industry is still the main tone, many enterprises still remain in the floor on extensive development mode, so the same phenomenon in the industry is relatively serious, but by imitation and plagiarism, no independent research and development, no brand, To seize the market is not so easy. Abandon flooring companies in China need to strengthen the original design wind In recent years, in China really popular overseas,composite fiberglass tables we won a lot of international business opportunities, but because they do not respect intellectual property rights has often been looked down upon. Many Chinese enterprises not only a lack of effective implementation and application of patent protection, and is actively conscious foreign brand imitation and plagiarism. West is proactively avoid and promote efficient use of the value of the patented product innovation and R & D, while the implementation of patents, sharing resources. It is said that the Jewish concept of doing business, with the Chinese people are very different. If the Jews do business in a commercial street, where he opened a hotel, business is good, after other Jews find not still open the hotel, they consciously opened hotel deals with other services, such as restaurants, bars, shops, snack shops, boutiques, jewelers, etc., so you can leverage each other and grow together, avoid confrontation and lose-lose situation. Chinese people like to do business on the other hand, blindly follow the trend, to hear what the industry is good to do, do what the industry to follow. See other people make money, they blindly into the results throw good money after bad things are happening to occur. Creative to the international market rather than imitate standing still Xiao Bian understand, flooring industry in China, you mute the floor, I also produce silent floor price lower than you as much as possible. You produce environmentally friendly flooring, green flooring I followed suit. China nearly 3000 flooring business is growing up so fast. For the market, the price war can not profit. To profit, it can reduce product quality regardless of the interests of consumers. Homogeneous competition is extremely intense, resulting in a vicious circle of low profits. Where there is time spare innovation or patent protection, imitation and plagiarism are too late. At April 13,how much per meter for a deck after the general manager of a household brand division after watching the Milan Furniture Fair, to issue such a sigh: "passionate Italians, color, modern, classical and enjoy what day Chinese economy without creating counterfeit. Our philosophy is when customer acceptance. "