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5 things that indicate an attack of termites in the interior of your house

Termite protection on Gold Coast is vital for all homes, as these pests cause millions of dollars worth of property damage each year. Most home insurance policies specifically exempt termite damage from their covers as this is preventable by taking adequate precautions and measures to provide termite protection in your Gold Coast property. Whether you have just moved in or been there for a while, termites don’t discriminate the love wood.

Top Signs of Termites every homeowner should know

Termites are a Gold Coast wide problem resulting in millions of dollars worth of preventable damage each year. Having a professionally installed termite barrier on Gold Coast properties is a sensible, practical and inexpensive method of protecting your home before termites invade and cause massive amounts of damage. A termite barrier will help save you thousands in repair bills and maintain the value of your buildings, stopping these destructive pests.


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