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How to control pests in your home?

The Gold Coast is home to many pests and like the humans who share the environment with them, they prefer a place that provides their basic needs such as water, food and shelter from or predators and the elements. The best way to control pests in your home is to have frequent termite and other pest inspections on your Gold Coast property. You also need to keep your environment clean and tidy so you don’t leave any food around or provide shelter to attract pests.

Follow these steps to help keep your home pest free:

• Water

Ensure that all your plumbing is in good repair with no leaks, this will not only deprive any pests of a ready supply of moisture, which is critical for their survival, but will help reduce your water usage and utility bills.

Run off and waste water should be directed as far from your home as possible and make sure that excess water does not lie in drains or waste water pipes

Bushes and trees

Having an attractive garden close to your home can look very nice and most pests really appreciate you providing this lush pathway to your home. It makes it so much easier for them to move in undetected.

By ensuring all bushes and branches are not allowed to overhang your roof and are kept away from your buildings, many insects and rodents will find it harder to move in.
Mulch should be kept away from the exterior of your home along with wood piles and compost heaps. By keeping leaves raked and lawns mowed you reduce the amount of cover for a variety of household pests

Keeping buildings in good repair

If there are any cracks, splits or holes in your building exterior, many common pests will work their way in, they are masters at getting in and making a home in small spaces. Once in, they will breed and soon you will have a colony or nest of unwanted visitors.

• Plug up any holes around utility lines and water pipes with a hard filler such as stainless steel wool, mortar or a snug fitting steel plate over the gap. If you use silicone or plastic fillers, they can be eaten or scratched away very quickly and a host of unwanted small guests will have an easy entry point

• Gaps around windows and doors are especially good entrance points for pests as are holes on insect screens and air vents

Termite inspections

Termites are very hard to detect until you have a full infestation by which time a lot of expensive to repair damage can have already occurred. Having a full termite inspection on your property every few years will help eliminate this problem and your termite inspection on Gold Coast is so through it will also detect any other pests that need to be controlled or dealt with at the same time.

Pest are in the world to balance nature and are part of the large circle of life. They have their place, but hopefully they will be encouraged to find it elsewhere. You can discourage them by ensuring your home and surrounds are kept clean, tidy and don’t provide pest with food, water and shelter. Regular termite checks on The Gold Coast will reveal whether you have any existing pest issues.