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Top ways to protect carport timber from termite attack

When you have a nice timber carport to protect your car, motorbike, boat, caravan or other big boy toys, the last thing you need is for it to be eaten by termites. Using a properly installed termite barrier on your Gold Coast carport is the best way to ensure these hungry critters are not able to destroy your building.

Some of the top ways to protect your carport are:

• Remove any food source

Termites are attracted to your timber carport because it’s an attractive food source for them, so you have to take steps to make it less inviting.
If you have subterranean termites, they will have a colony in the soil around and below your carport. Using high-quality termite resistant hardwood or cement foundations will prevent the termites from entering from there, but they are very determined and will go over or around using mud wall tunnels to protect themselves to reach the succulent timbers on your carport if you allow them to.

Dry wood termites live in trees above ground and get all the moisture they require from the humidity in the air. They will move into your lovely carport directly from any trees or timber that touches it such as old logs, stacked firewood or branches from overhanging trees

• Keep spouting and drainage systems in good repair

Subterranean termites require high levels of moisture, so thrive if your drainage system is not removing all water from the area. Water drainage pipes should not remain filled with water or empty directly into the ground nearby. If you have a garden tap or car washing facility ensure that the faucet does not leak as even a small leak of water onto the ground could potentially provide enough moisture to keep a large colony of termite alive over the dry months

• Timber and Firewood

Often people like to store excess timber in the roof of a carport to keep it dry and out of the weather, but this could be a great food source for both dry wood termites and subterranean termites. If you are storing timber there ensure it’s well stacked so it’s visible, allowing you to detect the presence of termites and that is well ventilated to discourage them
Firewood should also be stored above the ground or away from your timber carport

• Grass clippings

Leaves and grass clippings are great places for termites to hide and thrive before moving into your timber carport they also love cold compost heaps and railway sleeper garden surrounds

• Bark gardens

Attractive bark gardens and walkways are very popular, but unless treated for termites by a pest control technician are very likely to be a direct pathway for termites to invade your timber carport before moving on to your home

An annual termite inspection on The Gold Coast or if you find any sign of termites in or around your property you are well advised to call your local pest control company for a proper professional termite inspection and have them install a termite barrier on your Gold Coast property. This is the only you can be sure you timber carport will not become dinner to either subterranean termites or Drywood termites. There are many do it yourself treatments available, but is it really worth putting your valuable investment at risk to save a few dollars.