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What are the best ways to get rid of Pests?

Having pests in the home is distressing, annoying and sometimes, requires you to go to great measures such as having a Gold Coast termite barrier installed around your home. It’s always best to use preventive measures rather than trying to remove pests after they have established themselves, but some types of pests are more persistent than others.
When you have pests, the best way to get rid of them is to remove their food and water sources as well as any place they can hide or seek cover.

Follow these tips to have a pest free home:

• Store food properly

Some of the pests that could be attracted to your home are rodents,they have a very good sense of smell and can quickly find any suitable food that is not placed in a sealed container
Other pests such as cockroaches and ants are on a constant food search so will crawl everywhere looking for food that’s not stored properly.Food items such as spices,sugar, nuts, grains, cereals, biscuits and cakes should be kept in resealable containers.
Any food old or out of date food or spills should be cleaned away as soon as possible so there is nothing in your pantry or kitchen to attract pests

• Termites

On The Gold Coast, termite barriers are the pest way to prevent most types of termites from entering your home. If they are already there bait stations that attract is a very good way to control them. These types of pests are very destructive and require a qualified and experienced technician to remove them from your home

• Cockroaches

Cockroaches, silverfish, beetles, spiders and other insects can enter our home via the wrappings or boxes, food comes in, so it’s, often a good, carefully inspect these items before you take them inside

• Plant cover outside

And vegetation that touches your home or its foundations makes an excellent path or bridge to your home for pests. Keeping your garden and outside areas well trimmed and tidy reduces the places pest can hide outside and minimizes the easy entrance ways to your home

• Stop Leaks

Ensuring there are no leaks in any of your plumbing fittings, to deprive any pest of the water supply they require to survive
Other things to do to make pests less welcome in your home:

• Make sure all doors and windows are well sealed and there are insect screens on any openings

• Check for gaps in the exterior and interior wall, floors, ceiling’s and around any utility pipes. Loose roof shingles or iron, flashings, air con vents, cracks in cement or brickwork

• Dispose of trans correctly and keep it in airtight containers away from buildings

• Rinse out any recyclables before placing in the bin

• Use light bulbs that don’t attract insects

• Keep your home tidy and clean

Having a termite barrier installed in your Gold Coast property is a great way to stop pests such as termites.