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Why termite treatment is important in residences of The Gold Coast

Residences in all areas of The Gold Coast require a termite treatment on a regular basis. Having your property inspected for termites is a much better option than waiting until your home is infected with these extremely destructive pests.

The CSIRO now recommends that you have an annual termite inspection and instigate a complete termite treatment on Gold Coast residence if any live termites are detected.

Damage control
Of the 300 types of termite living around Australia the most destructive are the subterranean variety which live underground in colonies that can reach several million active little chewers who enter your home undetected and eat the timbers from the inside.
Subterranean termites are extremely common on The Gold Coast, especially in areas where there are or were trees. These termites live on old stumps or root systems then travel 50 meters or more to locate new colonies.
All new homes must have an approved mechanical barrier installed, but termites will find any gaps and move over, under or around these in their quest for food.

Often replacing damaged timber is not the major expense when your home is infected with termites, the cost comes in having to do major renovations after removing the damaged timbers.

Reduced Values
If you’re selling your property a termite infestation will reduce its sale value by an average of 20 percent. Having a proper certified and professional termite treatment on your Gold Coast property, one that you can show any potential buyer will make selling at the best possible price much easier.

How termites affect Gold Coast properties
Even new homes need to be inspected to identify any possible breaches in the physical termite barriers. Without a termite inspection, you are placing your home worth hundreds of thousands of dollars at risk.

• Slab Homes
Although your home is constructed on a slab of concrete, termites can live undetected directly under the building. They will then try and gain entry through and cracks or areas such as utility entry points and small gaps around drains and vents

• Pole Homes
It’s vital that pole homes are properly inspected and treated as termites will try to travel inside timber poles to enter your home undetected

• Older Homes
Homes that are over ten years old need to be inspected and have a recognized termite treatment. Most older homes have an established garden and outside area that needs to be inspected and treated as these areas often hide termites that will eventually move into your home if control methods are not used to prevent them.

If you find any evidence of termites in your home or around your property you should not disturb them as they will then move to another area on your property.
Contact your local pest control specialists for a long term termite treatment designed for Gold Coast properties. This will ensure all termites are destroyed and your residence is completely protected from termite damage