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Homocysteine, Methylation and genetic polymorphism MTHFR

Homocysteine (HCY) is an essential amino acid that contains sulfur whose value in the blood should be between 4 and 8 moles/liter. The condition in which the plasma HCY exceeds 9 μmol/liter is hyperhomocysteinemia, a cardiovascular risk factor independent of that of hypercholesterolemia. If the HCY exceeds 15 μmol/l, the daily intake of cardio aspirin to thin the blood is recommended by the doctor; in the USA the limit threshold is set at 9 μmol/l.

Buy shoes that light up: 6 things to know

Like the sheath for slimming, sneakers that are lit are very trendy with young people in recent years. For what reasons they are so successful, only young people can tell us. Although there have been some scandals around LED light up rave shoes, especially with some models that caught fire, these shoes are very popular and rather safe when we respect the safety rules. Here are 6 things to know if you want to buy shoes that light up.

The water does not get along with the shoe those lights up

Black magic love spells

The love spells with black magic are used when the status of your love life is out of your control. This is a kind of love spell that will never fail. Hope you will get a clear idea about what is black magic love spells to read this article.

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