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Subtitle Services, Subtitle Translation Service, Video Editing Services

Language Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (LCS®) is ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality management systems. Established in 2005 and incorporated as Private Limited Company in 2008, LCS® is a leading global language solutions provider, enabling companies to enter global markets with high quality multilingual products. LCS® strives to deliver reliable and quality translation services of global standards that exceed client's expectations.

Subtitling & Closed Captioning

LCS® provides closed captioning, subtitling services in English and in all Indian and foreign languages. The professionals at LCS ensures that the accents, dialects and industry jargon for each project that we undertake are properly incorporated in the videos. Our dedicated staff takes the time to research terminology, proper names, places to ensure that your captioning services truly reflects what is actually being said. We make the client happy by providing clear well punctuated accurate closed captioning that is hassle-free, affordable, quality checked and done in your timelines.

We provide closed captioning for YouTube videos or any other video which requires subtitles or closed captioning which can be training videos, educational videos, infomercials, sermons, special events, DVDs etc. In addition to our CC services we do subtitles and create Web Video Text Track (VTT Files). We provide phone closed captioning, DVD closed captioning, VLC closed captioning, HD closed captioning, video closed captioning, real time closed captioning, movie closed captioning, television closed captioning, YouTube closed captioning and digital closed captioning. If there is any other request, please ask us.

Digital Marketing Service India - Webdhoom

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We are comprised of expert professionals with exposure to crucial projects pertaining to web development, web designing and internet marketing. We deliver what we commit and take pride in our unassailable quality of work which has always pleased our clientele since our existence. Being located near the national capital region of the country, New Delhi, we have helped many businesses to achieve the best ROI and empowered them with a powerful online presence. Out of 10 years of service in India in the digital marketing services have helped us to carve out a niche for ourselves and enable us to deliver the best results to the clientele.

Hangzhou Lin'an Wood-working Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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Sino-foreign joint venture Hangzhou Lin’an NanYang Wood-working Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1956, and made a joint venture with PT·SINAR·HIMALAYA Co. Indonesia in 1992. It specially produces equipment of wood processing and wood drying equipment. It has so far provided more than 40,000 wood processing equipments and more than 6,000 wood drying equipments to more than 40 countries.
The Company is a member unit of National Wood-working Machinery Association, an export basis of Chinese mechanical and electrical products, civilized unit of Hangzhou city, and the Contract and Accredit Honoring Unit of Hangzhou city. The Company has rich economic power and exquisite technical ability and owns a lot of specialized senior engineering and technical talents in wood processing equipment and wood drying equipment design and development. The products of the Company have owned 5 national patents and obtained many technological awards at provincial level or higher level. Company’s products through the ISO9001 certification and CE certification of the European Union.

Suzhou Songchuan Textile Co., Ltd.

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Our factorywas founded in 2007,we are a big textile group including weaving, dyeing, printing and coated factories ,the annual production capability of the factory as solid color woven fabric 10million/meter,15million meters of printing fabric and coated fabric around 5million meters, meanwhile in supporting services to provide men and women / leisure suit / coat / jacket for full range of color matching and fabric solution, and expert in weaving, dyeing, finishing and other aspects, providing customers with professional printing, waterproofing& breathable,jacquard, yarn-dyed, cire, coating ,embossed and other special fabric. In recent years we have been committed to actively explore the domestic and foreign markets and provide solutions for a number of accessories brands and factories. Product environmental indicators obtained OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 ecological textile certification. And tested by SGS and ITS and other inspection agencies, have reached Europe, America, Japan national standards and buyers (M & S,NEXT, etc.) corporate standards.

Kamagra UK Shop

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Supplier 112 Clerkenwell Rd, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 5SA:
020 3397 1948:(+)
Kamagraukshop is a leading online shop of kamagra, kamagra jelly & other ED pills:
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卡诗米娅 羊绒品牌

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卡诗米娅 品牌介绍,卡诗米娅是高端羊绒品牌.质量好,时尚款式.
CASHMERE卡诗米娅以时尚服饰文化及简约奢华的新主张,率先引领羊绒品味衣着新风尚,锐意成为中国的顶级国际品牌。 产品以羊绒、皮草等材料为主,有素色、段染、扎染、印花、手绘,提花、绣花等不同风格的工艺表现形式。平整光洁、手感光滑细腻、色泽纯正高雅 ,构成“卡诗米·娅”羊绒的顶级品格,映衬出成熟女性的高贵与浪漫, 成为当下一种品质生活的象征,同时代表了未来人们的生活方式。公司正力图以其时尚的设计、前瞻的眼光打造出一个中国顶级羊绒品牌,更欲全力打造国际顶级羊绒奢侈品牌。

Kamagra UK

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Supplier Address:31 cemetery road newcastle, UK
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云头版 国际传媒

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Supplier description:云头版是一家提供实时社会热点,娱乐,科技,养生,大健康,美容,等咨询和服务的知名大数据平台.
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养生洗护在国内是一个市场空白,目前没有成熟的养生洗护品牌存在,而且养生洗护是一个必然被接受的洗护理念,看看我们的生活、雾霾、水污染,出门吃饭甚至都小心翼翼。 所有人的需求其实很简单,就是健康! 而大家当然希望预防大于治疗,而这就是养生!


姜力品牌的产品均是针对洗护市场深入研究与实验,研发而成的。由原生态中草药养生洗护采用天然植物健康配方,绿色环保。 产品的卓越品质和全天候劲爽客户使用体验是不可复制的品牌幸福感。
















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