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Taizhou Huangyan Baitong Plastic Factory

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Baitong Plastic Factory is located in the beautiful coastal city of "Mould Home" and "Plastic Kingdom"-Huangyan, Taizhou. It is 20 kilometers away from Huangyan Airport and 10 kilometers away from Haimen Port.Our factory specializes in the manufacture of plastic bottle caps, molds and 28-Port portable plastic water bottle handle.

Law of attraction

Submitted by taj123 on Mon, 02/22/2021 - 03:45

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Medium vs. Vocal
Five months ago, I started writing on Medium. I had the idea to share thoughts and experiences, and I was even more excited to know that Medium was willing to reward the effort with its Partnership program.
During that time, I wrote about 30 articles (in English and Spanish), which barely made me $5. Seriously, I got $5 for 30 articles... That's even less than what a freelance writer from Pakistan or Bangladesh makes on Fiverr.
I know the idea of membership is not exactly that you make more money as a writer just for being a member (the vast majority of writers on Medium make $100 or less a month, but it's more common to make less).
Cons of being a Digital Nomad
Anyway, I expected to get better results in 5 months than I actually got as a paying member, especially when I compare Medium's system with other monetization options for bloggers like AdSense.
Ok, Medium does not show you ads and AdSense ARE ads, but I think they should improve their monetization system because the content on Medium is of great quality and clearly someone is taking more than half the pie.
What kind of content did I post on Medium?
From personal stories about being an entrepreneur, to letters to my deceased father, poems and short essays on spirituality.
Law of attraction
I took the advice of the "gurus" and looked for publications with a wide scope, but I don't think I have achieved better results than I would have obtained writing for smaller publications.
I have no complaints about the publications, after all they are managed by Medium members (members who pay $5 a month, so they basically pay to make Medium's life easier).


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