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Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation)

"Brother Liangcai, what you said just now is not accurate. Although the Tanghe Imperial Navy has disappeared, it is only the loss of naval soldiers and ships. For a country's navy, the most important thing is neither ships nor sailors, but a complete education and training system and a group of high-quality naval instructors and officers. This is the most important thing. How long does it take to build a ship?"? How much does it cost to raise an army of sailors? For a country, this is very simple, but what about a complete training system and all kinds of materials needed?

Can hide for a while (extra chapter)

After that, Guan Jing began to talk about her acquaintance with Xing Zhan. Su Rong looked at her and listened attentively. In fact, her thoughts had been wandering out long ago. Oh, Xing Zhan, good job, see how she can clean him up! I. She was pregnant with Xing Shao's child. Su Rong was finally pulled back by this sentence. He looked up and down at Guan Jing's side. Miss Guan said so much, what kind of theme do you want to express? Let me go down and you go up? Su Rong smiled generously. Guan Jing proudly raised his chin and did not speak, which was a tacit acceptance.

Embroidery Lord: The Killer Princess Is Not to Be Trifled With

Lan Gu patted the queen on the back, "even if he is fully fledged now." We can still get rid of him! Lan Gu will do this for the empress! Don't worry, empress! The queen nodded, trembling to drink a mouthful of hot water, suddenly as if thinking of something, opened his eyes wide, "he must know!"! He must know! But he didn't tell me! I'm going to find him. The queen threw the cup on the ground like a madman and ran to the back of the bedroom. Empress! The empress. Lan Gu followed the queen, picked up the umbrella and trotted all the way!

The Immortal Addiction of the Female Companion

Donghua Yufan hung his head, but the divine consciousness remained outside the deacon hall. Sure enough, I didn't wait long. I saw Yunli and Jiang Ying coming here one after the other. Cloud pear face contains spring color, cheeks are red, eyes are shy unceasingly. From time to time, his eyes were full of affection and looked at Jiang Yingtong, who was leaning slightly behind him. Behind him, Jiang Yingtong looked at Yunli with a soft face, but there was still a trace of Pure Brightness in his eyes, and his smile was not in his eyes.

Princess Ares

And the center of the army, two figures such as into no man's land, lightning toward each other rushed in the past, around the coalition only blame mom and dad didn't give birth to them more than two legs, BMW didn't come to have a strange call out of a way, the rest of the stubborn resistance south fan military forces simply can't stop the action of two people, most to their side, As soon as he came and waved his weapon, he became a ghost under the sword and a ghost under the gun. The two figures were getting closer and closer, and both of them rose into the sky!

Uncanny Valley _ Conan Doyle

"Well, you should believe that she is telling the truth.". But did she tell you who this man was? "No, I asked her, but she wouldn't tell me." I don't think she'll tell you, little girl. Maybe she didn't want to scare you off. "Scare away!" McMurdo was furious. Ah, yes, my friend! There's no shame in being afraid of him. This man is Ted Baldwin. "Who is this demon?" "He is a leader of the Dead Cool Party." "Dead Cool Party!"! I've heard that before. There's a cool party here, there's a cool party there, and it's always whispering! What are you all afraid of?

All in silence

She struggled between his arms, and then the back of her neck was naturally clasped gently by his palm. Through the thin silk scarf, his fingers were a little cold, and the coolness quickly spread to her neck, making her subconsciously shrink her shoulders and shiver. He seemed to be satisfied to see her with this painful expression of grinning teeth, with a light and bright smile in her long, narrow and beautiful eyes, and while she was stunned, he had bowed his head and kissed her. His lips tossed and turned on hers, unable to tell whether it was gentle or overbearing, or just testing.

The old days on the other shore

"Bang", Ji Jiaheng saw Qiao Xia's head shed blood, red along the tip of the hair fell. The violent sound of the board knocking could be echoed in the alley. He hugged her in panic, as if she would leave if he let go. There was a smell of blood in the air, and when the alarm bell rang and the gun sounded, Ji Jiaheng, who had lost too much blood, finally fell down. He was so tired that he wanted to die like this, embracing the person he loved most. But he woke up and she was nowhere to be found.

Back to Primitive Society as a Chief

Ji thief snorted: "My people I also reluctant to fight it, can let these garbage to bully?" As he spoke, the thief Ji stretched out his hand and pointed to the men of the sand tiger who were kneeling on the ground and said, "Tu Shan, go and ask them which tribe they are from. Today, I'm going to slaughter them." Snow Wen Yan was taken aback and looked at Ji thief in surprise.

Zodiac Patron Saint _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise

Surprised eyes flashed from the sales representative's eyes, but she obviously had a lot of work experience and did not have much reaction. She smiled and said, "Sir, what a coincidence that you are here. One of our new models is on the market.". Now the stock is very complete, and there are all kinds of models with various configurations. Please come here with me. I can provide you with answers to any questions you may have. As he spoke, the sales representative made a gesture of invitation and led Qi Yue to the huge Audi Q7.


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