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All in silence

She struggled between his arms, and then the back of her neck was naturally clasped gently by his palm. Through the thin silk scarf, his fingers were a little cold, and the coolness quickly spread to her neck, making her subconsciously shrink her shoulders and shiver. He seemed to be satisfied to see her with this painful expression of grinning teeth, with a light and bright smile in her long, narrow and beautiful eyes, and while she was stunned, he had bowed his head and kissed her. His lips tossed and turned on hers, unable to tell whether it was gentle or overbearing, or just testing. After a short palpitation, she instinctively closed her eyes as if under a magic spell, and instead of refusing, she groped for her backhand to insert the door card into the dark slot. There was a sharp sound, and the door finally opened. He half pushed and half hugged her to go in, and their messy footsteps were printed on the thick and soft carpet, which seemed silent. Even the light was not on, so she heard their breathing, hers and his, tangled in the darkness, and seemed to have an amazing frequency. Section 35 Handbags, scarves, coats.. Scattered all over the floor, from the door to the bed, he was still kissing her, teasing all her sensitive areas with great skill. She clung to his shoulder, bearing and responding all the way, and finally could only vaguely remember that the last time she was drunk, she probably did the same,artificial coconut palm trees, and in a burst of kissing and seduction, she went to his bed unconsciously. But this time is different. She wasn't drunk. The two Heinekens in the bar were far from making her drunk and delirious. At this moment, between the soft bed and his warm embrace, her consciousness was very clear. Nie Leyan has never been so clear about what he is doing as he is now. She did not forget their relationship-a pair of expired lovers who had already broken up. But under his pressure, her body was like a cup, reaching out to embrace his naked waist line, from losing ground to involuntarily approaching and catering step by step, the skin on her body quickly warmed up and became hot under his dexterous fingers, and the fire spread inch by inch like a prairie fire. Fresh and masculine pure male breath like the tide, swept in with the rhythm, as if also swept away her reason, so that she temporarily left all the people and all the things behind, leaving only the most primitive instinctive reaction. She couldn't push him away. She didn't want to push him away. The moment the burning lips kissed her collarbone, she realized that she missed him. It turned out that she still missed him, could not tell whether it was body or soul, fake ficus tree ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, in short, she actually missed this man. I do not know how long, he finally stopped, under the messy sheets, the two men's panting gradually eased from heavy and dull. She felt so tired in the dark that she didn't want to say a word or even move her fingers, so she was finally forced to fall asleep in his arms. When she woke up at dawn, she found that she was in the same position, or turned over halfway, but somehow, it seemed that she had been trapped between her two long arms all the time. One of her legs felt numb, but she only moved, and the people around her were woken up. She turned her head and said, "Good morning." Jiang Yufeng narrowed his eyes, only to feel that this time the reaction was completely different from the last time. I remember that day when she found herself lying in his bed, she probably wished she could turn into an ostrich and bury her face in the sand forever. But now, she calmly moved his horizontal arm away, and sat up with the quilt to get the clothes. What are you doing up so early? I took a look at the watch I forgot to take off last night. It was just 7:30, and the whole city was still in a semi-awake state. It turned out that she was carrying his clothes for him. Put it on. Nie Leyan threw his shirt over. He only looked down and frowned slightly as if discontented. "What's your hurry?" "Of course you have to be anxious.". Go to your room before your employees get up. He was still motionless, and the corners of his mouth had sunk slightly.
She gave him an urgent look, only to hear him ask lightly, "What's the matter?"? Do you think it's shameful? Knowing him too well, Nie Leyan could not help shivering with such a tone, but she said calmly, "I am thinking of you.". If you are caught by your subordinates, it will affect your image. "Thanks a lot," he said half-truthfully with a sneer. As he got up and dressed slowly, he asked, "So last night was just a one-night stand?" The slender figure, who was bending over to look for clothes, stiffened slightly. Nie Leyan frowned and stared down at the dark gray carpet. Finally, he picked up the wrinkled wool skirt with his fingers. He did not look back for a moment, but answered, "What else do you think it is?" Sitting in the cafeteria on the second floor for breakfast, LINDA commented on the atmosphere in front of her for the nth time: Weird! It's not just weird, it's depressing! Sitting at the same table with this splendid couple, which should have been a pleasure, made her feel uncomfortable and on pins and needles. She regretted that she should not have refused Jiang Yufeng's invitation and not sat with them for breakfast. Finally, I thought about it and asked: "General Manager Jiang, would you like to pour another cup of coffee for you?" The silent air around finally broke a little bit, because Jiang Yufeng said his first words since he went downstairs and sat down: "No." Although there were only two short words, LINDA, as if granted an amnesty, immediately stood up and said, "What about you?"? I'm going to get some juice. Do you want me to get you a glass? "Oh, no, thanks." The woman, who had also been silent,outdoor palm trees, seemed to hesitate for a moment, then got up and smiled as if nothing had happened. "I'll go with you and see what else to eat." "Mmm." No matter what happens, LINDA first seizes the opportunity to escape from this seemingly calm but actually gloomy scene.