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The Immortal Addiction of the Female Companion

Donghua Yufan hung his head, but the divine consciousness remained outside the deacon hall. Sure enough, I didn't wait long. I saw Yunli and Jiang Ying coming here one after the other. Cloud pear face contains spring color, cheeks are red, eyes are shy unceasingly. From time to time, his eyes were full of affection and looked at Jiang Yingtong, who was leaning slightly behind him. Behind him, Jiang Yingtong looked at Yunli with a soft face, but there was still a trace of Pure Brightness in his eyes, and his smile was not in his eyes. Just cloud pear at this time full of heart to him, naturally can not find these. But Donghua Yufan, an outsider, could see it at a glance. If they are really affectionate people, how can they get along with each other in such a way. The realm of cultivation is not like that in ancient times, the strong are respected, so why should we care about other people's eyes. But this Jiang Yingtong's style at this time is not like the appearance of deep affection for Yunli at all. Hands behind his back, the smile on his face seems close, but in fact distant, I am afraid that everyone is like this. Donghua Yufan has seen Jiang Yingtong look at Jiang Yingyi's appearance,65 inch touch screen, although they are brother and sister. But the spoiling and smiling in Jiang Yingtong's eyes will not be faked at all. Ruo Yunli is really the woman he loves. How could his sister not be able to compare with his face? It's just that Donghua Yufan was disappointed with the practice of Yunli at this time, so he didn't think about mentioning anything about Yunli. If this had not happened, Donghua Yufan would not have mentioned it in a slightly obscure way in the future. Now it seems that there is no such idea at all. Oh. Elder Martial Sister Yun is coming. The male disciple who had picked up Donghua Yufan Lingshi before saw it as soon as Yunli walked into the Deacon Hall. With a smile on his face, he went up to meet him. Yes, I've come to collect my Elder Martial Sister's supplies. Cloud pear gentle smile, behind the existence of Jiang Yingtong. Cloud pear also wants to leave a good impression in front of the beloved man. The disciple paused, although the cloud pear is not a great beauty, but also a small Jasper. Now,interactive boards for classrooms, because of the practice, the body impurities are not as many as ordinary people, the skin is white and tender, so a smile, but a little dazzling. But then he reacted, and the smile on his face deepened, and he took out the storage bag he had already prepared and said: "Things that are cold through the ages.". The disciple is naturally ready. Cloud pear smiled at the result of the storage bag, did not immediately open, after all, there are outsiders here. Took the thing, first said thanks, this just walked out together with Jiang Ying. Cloud pear some can't wait to fulfill their promise in front of the lover, and Jiang Yingtong is to get those high-level elixirs quickly. The two men actually wanted to come to the place where Donghua Yufan was. Donghua Yufan frowned, smart board for conference room ,interactive panels for education, but Mo Li took the lead in discovering this, waving his big hand directly, and a ban immediately shrouded around the pavilion. Fortunately, Yunli did not want to come to the pavilion, but found a slightly secret place. Mo Li said to Jiang Yingtong: "Brother Jiang, this is my Elder Martial Sister's supply." As he spoke, he raised the storage bag in his hand with pride on his face. Mo Li at this time is also to understand why Donghua Yufan to do so, but did not expect Yunli to look like a good. It's not bad for Donghua Yufan, but I didn't expect it to be like this in private. Can not say that Donghua Yufan usually a lot of things have been her private ignorance, Donghua Yufan before so trust her, now found this kind of thing, can not say how disappointed, I am afraid more uncomfortable in the heart. Think of it this way. Mo Li did not know how to open his mouth. He was born as a beggar and had nothing to worry about. After entering the door, besides Ling Yunfeng's brothers, he was also close to Donghua Yufan. Also because of the identity of the relationship, in addition to the East China Yufan more trust, for anyone around the subconscious reservations. So I've never experienced this kind of thing. That's very kind of you. Thank you, Pear. Jiang Yingtong was relieved to see that he had already got it. Although the use of Yunli accounted for the majority, but one or two years of contact with Yunli, it is not without any feelings for Yunli. It's just that if you really want to find a double cultivation partner, you won't find Yunli. Brother Jiang, we are already in such a relationship, why say thank you.
"Cloud pear said here, the blush on the face is even worse, even the ears are slightly red, but it seems that people are more delicate and beautiful up.". Even Jiang Yingtong's heart jumped, but the elixir did not fall into his pocket, in the end or not at ease, he said: "In that case, I'll stop talking and look inside first." Cloud pear nodded, smiled and opened the storage bag, and the divine consciousness went in. But then his face changed. What's going on? There are no high-level elixirs in it. They are all low-level elixirs. There is not even a top-quality elixir. Those spells and array plates are also some low-level, although the quality is good, but the grade is not high, if you meet a higher level of opponents, these things are not useful at all. Subconsciously, Yunli felt that the people of the Deacon Hall were greedy for the things of Donghua Yufan. But then denied, usually she would come every month to collect the school supply, there is no reason these people would do so. Moreover, at this time Donghua Yufan out of the pass, although did not say to repair to reach any realm, but only Donghua Yufan standing there, there is a feeling of oppression. Cloud pear believes that no one dares. Just the three words of eternal coldness make people look up to. What's more, it is now such a time when a war is imminent. Yunli thought that Donghua Yufan was a close disciple after all. He is also the only disciple recognized by the Venerable through the ages,smartboard for business, with high status and good aptitude. So Donghua Yufan's supply is very rich, often after the cloud pear received. It's impossible not to be jealous. Every time a lot of pills are sent down, and even every time there will be a lot of the best pills.