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Uncanny Valley _ Conan Doyle

"Well, you should believe that she is telling the truth.". But did she tell you who this man was? "No, I asked her, but she wouldn't tell me." I don't think she'll tell you, little girl. Maybe she didn't want to scare you off. "Scare away!" McMurdo was furious. Ah, yes, my friend! There's no shame in being afraid of him. This man is Ted Baldwin. "Who is this demon?" "He is a leader of the Dead Cool Party." "Dead Cool Party!"! I've heard that before. There's a cool party here, there's a cool party there, and it's always whispering! What are you all afraid of? What kind of people are the dead cool party? The landlord lowered his voice as instinctively as everyone when talking about the terrorist organization. "The cool people," he said, "are the free people." Surprised, the young man said, "Why?"? I'm a freeman myself. You! If I had known, I would never have let you stay with me-not for a hundred dollars a week. "What could be wrong with this free man?"? The purpose of the charter is to love and promote friendship. "It may be so in some places.". Not here! "" "What is it like here?" "It's an assassination organization, that's all." McMurdo smiled incredulously and asked: "What evidence do you have?" "Evidence!"! I'm afraid there's no evidence of 50 assassinations here! Are not the likes of Millman and Van Sholst, the Nicholsons, old Mr Higham, little Billy James, and others all evidence? And evidence! Is there a man and a woman in this valley who don't understand the dead cool party? "Hello!" Said McMurdo cordially, "I want you to take back what you said, or apologize to me.". You have to do one of those things,interactive touch screens education, and then I'll move out. Put yourself in my place. I am a stranger in this town. I am a member of a society, but I only know that it is a pure society. You can find it all over the country, but it's always a pure organization. Now, just as I was about to join the organization here, you said it was all a murderous society called the Dead Cool Party. I think you owe me an apology. Otherwise, explain yourself, Mr. Shafter. "I can only tell you that this is known all over the world,interactive whiteboard for schools, sir.". The leader of the Freemen's Club is the leader of the Cool Party. If you offend this one, that one will get back at you. We have too much evidence. "It's just some gossip!"! I want proof! Said McMurdo. If you stay here longer, you'll find the proof yourself. But I forgot you were one of them. You will soon be as bad as they are. But you can live somewhere else, sir. I can't keep you living here anymore. It's bad enough that a dead-cool man came to seduce my Edie and I didn't dare to refuse. Can I take another one as my tenant? Yes, really, after tonight, you can't stay here anymore. McMurdo knew, therefore, that he would not only be driven from his comfortable quarters, but that he would be forced to leave the girl he loved. That very night, he found Edie sitting alone in the room, and he told her about her troubles. True, though your father has given his marching orders, "said McMurdo," if it's just a question of my place, 75 smart board ,75 inch smart board, I don't care. But, to tell you the truth, Edie, though I've only known you a week, you're already indispensable to my life, and I can't live without you! "Oh, shut up, Mr. McMurdo!"! Don't say that! Said the girl, "I have told you, have I not?"? You're too late. There is another person, even if I do not promise to marry him immediately, at least I can not be betrothed to anyone else.
” "Edie, would it be all right if I asked you to marry me first?" The girl buried her face in her hands and sobbed, "Oh, how I wish you had come first!" McMurdo immediately knelt before her and exclaimed: For God's sake, Edie, do as you say! Are you willing to destroy the happiness of your life and mine for a small promise? My beloved, do as you wish! You know what you just said, which is more reliable than any promise you made. McMurdo put Edie's small snow-white hand between his two large, strong brown hands and said: "Say you're mine, and let's work together to deal with the unexpected." "Shall we not stay here?" "No, just stay here." "No, no, Jack!" McMurdo now put his arms around her, and she said, "It can't be here.". Can you take me far away? There was a momentary hesitation in McMurdo's face, but at last there was a look of determination. "No, stay here," he said. "Edie, we won't budge. I'll protect you." "Why don't we leave together?" "No, Edie, I can't leave here." "Why on earth?" "If I feel that I have been driven away, I will never be able to hold my head up.". Besides, what's to be afraid of here? Are we not free men in a free country? If you love me and I love you, who dares to come between us? You don't understand, Jack. You haven't been here long enough. You don't know this Baldwin. And you don't know McGinty and his coons. "Yes, I don't know them, but I'm not afraid of them, and I don't trust them!" Said McMurdo. "I've been among rough people, my dear, and not only am I not afraid of them, but they always end up afraid of me — always, Ettie.". At first glance, this is madness! If these people, as your father said, have repeatedly committed crimes in this valley,smartboards in classrooms, and their names are known to everyone, how can no one be punished by law? Please answer my question, Edie! 。