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The old days on the other shore

"Bang", Ji Jiaheng saw Qiao Xia's head shed blood, red along the tip of the hair fell. The violent sound of the board knocking could be echoed in the alley. He hugged her in panic, as if she would leave if he let go. There was a smell of blood in the air, and when the alarm bell rang and the gun sounded, Ji Jiaheng, who had lost too much blood, finally fell down. He was so tired that he wanted to die like this, embracing the person he loved most. But he woke up and she was nowhere to be found. Parents seem to have aged a lot in their sleeping days, and there are many emotions in their eyes that Ji Jiaheng has never seen before. He intermittently asked where Qiaoxia was going, and his parents only told him that Qiaoxia had been picked up by someone from the United States. When Ji Jiaheng was much better and could get out of bed, he went to the attending doctor. The doctor said it would be a miracle if Qiao Xia survived. Her injuries were far more serious than her own. The violent blow to the head caused an intracranial hemorrhage, and she could have died at any time. Ji Jiaheng seemed to understand something, and a feeling of pain came from the wounds all over his body. He ran back to the ward, and in some places the wounds that had just healed opened again. I don't know when there was a broken watch on his hospital bed, and the hands were broken. Ji Jiaheng seemed desperate at that moment, and he even thought of death. Very not easy to wake up a little, thought of Qiao Xia may still be alive, thought of their parents. Only then did he feel that survival was the hope. He lay back in bed with his watch in his arms. He covered himself with a quilt and covered himself in darkness. Ji Jiaheng recalled himself at that time. At the age of eighteen, he fell from heaven to hell. After that,outdoor ficus tree, he spent five years in the white and black light and shadow of memory. In the aimless search, he rushed to the most joyful youth. In this way, a little mature, disappointed and then hope, over and over again. His love with Qiao Xia doesn't seem to be Alex's kind. It's more like the flower of Platycodon grandiflorum, but he doesn't know which one is suitable for them. Is it endless love, or hopeless love,fake ficus tree, or both? The author has something to say: Hug Ji Jiaheng ~ Chapter 26 It's the beginning of winter again, and Ji Jiaheng's birthday is coming. The Ji family did not hold a grand banquet, but invited the An Xiao family to come and be guests. An Xiao's parents have never known anything about Xia Che, but they have heard about Qiao Xia and Ji Jiaheng. When the daughter and Ji Jiaheng were together, they were also against it at the beginning. But Ji Jiaheng satisfied them everywhere, and finally had to agree to come down. This time they went to Ji's home, in addition to celebrating the birthday, there is also for the marriage of An Xiao and Ji Jiaheng. Anjia felt that it was time for them to get married after four years together and one year of work after graduation from university. Ji's father and mother, who had just heard the news, were still slightly stupefied and did not immediately agree. They thought of the smile on their son's face when he told him he had a girlfriend four years ago. They know that Ji Jiaheng is not happy, and the so-called girlfriend may be a way to comfort his parents. However, Qiao Xia was like a scar in his heart, which they dared not and could not uncover. At that time, Ji's father and mother had no choice but to face their son and said, faux ficus tree ,artificial plant wall panels, "As long as you live up to this girl." But an Xiao came out at this time to stick to his parents, saying that he did not want to get married, just round the field. But before long, they brought the topic here again. Ji Jiaheng brought the fruit and said to Anjia's elders, "Please rest assured, uncle and aunt. Anxiao and I have our own plans." This sentence is like a shot in the arm, into the hearts of Anjia's parents. At the beginning of his freshman year, Ji Jiaheng was injured and could only take part in the second year's military training. It was still very hot in the late summer, and he was holding a book in the shade of a tree beside the gym. Looking at Ning yuan and An Xiao in the distance from time to time, all the freshmen were training under the fierce sun. On the day of the end of the college entrance examination, Qiao Xia, Du Ruo, Ning yuan and themselves agreed on the idea of going north together. They assumed countless possibilities, but in the end all three of them were already present, only Qiao Xia was absent. Ji Jiaheng is very popular in his freshman year because of his excellent study and good appearance. There will be a lot of girls to pass love letters, every time this time, he will think of junior high school Qiaoxia, the kind of publicity of the confession.
But as at that time, he refused. Because there is no way to forget a person, and because there is no way not to love a person, so even if the waiting is long and endless, I do not want to stop, and I do not want one more person to participate in this suspenseful ending. When he was in college, he was mostly with Ning yuan, and sometimes An Xiao would come around. As a result, the scandal spread, saying that Ji Jiaheng and Ning yuan liked An Xiao together. Ning yuan denied it on the spot, saying that his girlfriend was in another school and brought Du Ruo to a party, which everyone believed. Ji Jiaheng did not respond, and the matter was not settled later. During the military training in sophomore year, An Xiao and Ning yuan always came to see Ji Jiaheng. Later, Ning yuan was always with Du Ruo, and only An Xiao came. Ji Jiaheng is very grateful to have such a friend, their loved ones are missing, or perhaps all dead. But it is also a way to snuggle up to each other to keep warm. After the military training, the two men were together, but in name only. Perhaps this will really be better, to chase an Xiao or Ji Jiaheng a lot less people so that there is no, a lot of boring rumors are self-defeating. His parents, who had been worried about him, finally relaxed their brows. Apart from not being really happy, what is there to be dissatisfied with? Ji Jiaheng did not drive, and in the afternoon he saw them off and walked on the street by himself. The day has been much cooler, the wind has a trace of coolness. He put his hands in his pockets and walked in silence with his head down. Passing by No.1 Middle School, he stopped at the school gate. When it was time to finish school,faux grass wall, Ji Jiaheng stopped and watched the students come and go. There are girls together, couples hand in hand, and good friends shoulder to shoulder. He unconsciously raised the corners of his mouth and smiled faintly.