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Buy Heart Diamond at a good price

The heart diamond is one of the rarest and most sought-after diamonds. People also use rings made of heart diamonds as proposal rings. People prefer to wear things made of heart diamonds in engagements, marriage, and other functions. The heart diamond is also known as a symbol of love. Heart diamonds are usually 15-20% less expensive than round diamonds. You can visit our online store for more details and buy Heart Diamond.

Best Excellent Cut Diamonds In Diamond District

An Excellent Cut Diamond is one that has been cut in perfect proportion on all sides. Excellent cut diamonds are very expensive. These diamonds sparkle a lot. When light passes through these diamonds, the light spreads everywhere because a large part of the light gets reflected through the diamond's table. 25% of the quality of a diamond depends on the cut, so we should pay attention to the cut while buying a diamond.

Best European Diamond In New York City

European Diamonds are diamonds extracted from the mines of Golconda (India). These diamonds were used by kings and queens in rings and in jewelry worn by them. European diamonds are beautiful and attractive. European diamonds cost less than other diamonds. European diamonds are a great alternative to diamond jewelry. For more information and to purchase European Diamonds visit our online store.

Best Elongated Emerald Cut Diamond In New York

The majority of Emerald Cut Diamonds have length to width ratios between 1.30 and 1.50. A ratio of 1.40 is regarded as "excellent." Nevertheless, personal preference can affect proportions. For a squarer shape, a lower proportion should be chosen, whereas a larger proportion is excellent for a stretched, more rectangular shape.

Get the Best Elongated Cushion in New York

Similar to a regular cushion cut, an elongated cushion cut features a longer, rectangular shape as opposed to a square one. The corners are altered to frame a cushion-like shape, just like the square version. While the sides of traditional cushion cuts are balanced, other extent proportions are available with the elongated versions.

Buy Cushion Cut Diamonds at a good price

The Cushion Diamond is a gemstone that reflects the pattern of ancient Diamonds and the brilliant cut of the modern diamond. These diamonds are a round and square shape with edges. These diamonds are similar to those extracted from ancient mines, therefore these diamonds are also called ancient-style diamonds and people are much more than attracted to these Diamonds. ShivShambu gives you the best cushions diamond in new york city so visit our online store.


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