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Asscher Diamond

Explore our selection of Asscher cut diamonds. Asscher-cut diamonds are similar in appearance to emerald-cut diamonds but the main difference between them is that Asscher-cut is square in shape while emerald is rectangular. Asscher diamond is a rare diamond. Asscher diamonds are step cut and have rounded corners. ShivShambu brings to you an exclusive collection of Asscher Diamonds. Our store brings you GIA Certified Asscher Diamonds. To buy Asscher Diamonds visit our online store.

1.5 Carat Diamonds

Browse our collection of 1.5 carat diamonds spanning all jewelry styles. Diamonds of 1.5 carats are generally a popular choice for larger diamond seekers. 1.5 carat diamonds are very large diamonds for engagement rings, and wedding rings. ShivShambu brings to you GIA-certified 1.5-carat diamonds at the best price in the market. To buy a 1.5-carat diamond visit our online store.

Heart Diamond Price

In search of Diamonds at reasonable prices, you are at the right place. ShivShambu brings to you the best Heart Diamond price in the USA. Heart diamonds are used in proposal rings, engagement rings and wedding rings as well as in other jewelry. People also like to wear jewelery made of heart diamond in parties. To buy Heart Cut Diamonds visit our online store.

Elongated Emerald Cut Diamonds

Elongated Emerald Cut Diamonds look similar to regular emerald diamonds. The Elongated emerald diamond has long rectangular facets with cut corners. Elongated emerald cut diamond is very much preferred for rings. The elongated shape of an elongated emerald-cut diamond attracts people to it. To buy an Elongated Emerald Diamond visit our online store.

Hearts & Arrows Diamond

Shop our beautiful collection of Hearts and Arrows Diamond. The words Hearts and Arrows refer to round brilliant diamonds that have been cut to a very high standard. Hearts and Arrows Diamonds are also known as Super Ideal Cut. The hearts and arrows are the effects of perfectly round brilliant diamonds. To buy Hearts and Arrows diamonds, visit our online store.

$3000 Diamond

If you are looking for $3000 worth of diamonds then you will definitely love our collection of diamonds that we have prepared for you. ShivShambu not only gives you a $3000 Diamond but also gives you GIA Certified Diamond and complete information about 4Cs which helps you in purchasing your Diamond. Visit our online store to buy a diamond for $3000.

$2000 Diamonds

If you want to buy diamonds within your budget then you are at the right place. View all of our popular Diamonds including Round Cut and Princess Cut ShivShambu brings you the $2000 Diamonds. ShivShambu not only gives you diamonds in your budget but also gives you GIA-certified diamonds. Our store brings to you this diamond and diamond studded jewelry for $2000 which is very beautiful and attractive to look at. Visit our online store to buy $2000 Diamonds.


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