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Diamonds $3000

If you want to buy a Diamond for $3000 You've come to the right place because Shiv Shambu has brought you a special collection of diamond and diamond-made things in your budget and this is very beautiful and attractive to look at. Shiv Shambu gives you complete details of 4Cs with Diamonds in your budget and GIA also offers certified diamonds, making your diamond purchase even easier.

Emerald Wedding Rings

Offering an Emerald Diamond to the one we love signifies the intention of a happy and prosperous marriage. Emerald diamond looks very beautiful and attractive because of their rectangular shape. Emerald diamond is very much preferred for a wedding ring as emerald diamond is considered a symbol of married life to enhance the happiness in your married life, Shiv Shambu brings to you an exclusive collection of Emerald Wedding Rings Which are very beautiful and attractive to look at. For more information on Emerald Diamonds visit our online store.

Pear Diamonds

Pear diamond is also known as teardrop and pendeloke cut. Pear diamond is the most popular diamond. Pear diamond is attractive and beautiful to look at. Pear diamonds are less expensive than round diamonds. Pear cut diamond is a unique shape. Pear and round diamonds are almost the same shapes, the only difference between these two diamonds is that the round diamond is perfectly round, and in the pear diamond, one corner is pointed. Visit our online store for more information and to buy diamonds.

Oval Diamond Price

Oval Shape diamonds look similar to Round Diamonds. These diamonds are very beautiful and attractive to see. These diamonds are very popular for rings. When light passes through an oval diamond, the light is scattered in all directions. For more information about Oval Diamonds and get the best Oval Diamond Prices in the USA so visit our online store.

Type 2A Diamonds

Type 2A diamond is said to be the purest diamond because this diamond does not contain impurities like boron and nitrogen. This diamond is more expensive than other diamonds. Type 2A diamonds are generally those ancient diamonds that were found during the time of kings and queens. Type 2A diamonds are often colorless or nearly colorless. Shiv Shambu brings to its customers an exclusive collection of Type 2A diamonds with GIA certificates at reasonable prices. Visit our online store for more information and to purchase Type 2A diamonds.

Round Cut Engagement Rings

A round diamond is the best diamond among all diamond shapes because the shape of this diamond is perfectly round. If you are looking to buy round-cut engagement rings then you have come to the right place. our company has 25 years of experience in Diamonds and taking this forward Shiv Shambu takes care of every small and big choice of its customers. Shiv Shambu brings Round Cut Engagement Rings to make your engagement more memorable Exclusive collection of engagement rings. To purchase round-cut engagement rings and to learn more about engagement rings, visit our online store.

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

If you are looking to buy Diamond Rings for engagement then you are at the right place because Shiv Shambu has brought for you Asscher cut diamond ring which is very beautiful and attractive to look at. Asscher cut engagement rings are highly preferred by couples due to the curved edges of the Asscher diamond. For more details on Asscher cut engagement rings visit our online store.


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