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Why You Should Consider The Australian Employer Nomination Scheme Visa?

This article aims to briefly examine the Australian Employer Nomination Scheme Visa and why an eligible applicant should consider applying for this visa which is otherwise knowns as subclass 186.
Direct Entry Scheme
Unless otherwise stated, a qualified applicant who has found a qualified Australian employer to sponsor his/her visa application, should consider the Direct Entry Scheme and once granted the visa, benefit from living, working, and studying in Australia indefinitely.
How does the nomination work and who can nominate me?

What Every Business Manager Needs To Know About Unfair Dismissal

UNFAIR DISMISSAL? A term slung around very often.

But what do employers need to know, and probably don’t?
A useful statement from a senior Judge of the employment court in a mediation conference was where he told both lawyers that “it is all about conducting a proper assessment of the risks and making sure your clients understand them”. When considering dismissing an employee

Working To Reduce Paper Work In Property Conveyancing

If you have been hiding under a piece of paper, then you may not know that the way in which the Titles Registry deals with paper certificates of title (aka paper CTs or Title Deeds) is changing(Property Conveyancing act).
A bill was passed in Parliament on 26 March 2019 amending the Land Title Act 1994 so that paper CTs will no longer have any legal effect. Accordingly, from 1st October 2019, a paper CT will become a piece of history with its only value being that of sentiment.

How To Face Employment Agreements During Harsh Economic Conditions

Most adults, at one point or another, are faced with a form of an employment contract. For some, it is presenting an employment agreement to a potential staff member, and for others it is receiving an employment agreement as an employee. There are many interests at stake for both sides, and typically it involves some type of negotiation. In harsh financial conditions, this process becomes even more critical.

Commercial Litigation | Brisbane Solicitors

At Aylward Game Solicitors we are able to assist you to protect and/or defend your legal rights and entitlements in all Queensland Courts (including any tribunals where parties are able or have been granted leave, to be legally represented) and all Federal and Circuit Courts (including the High Court of Australia). We have strong ties with similar firms in Sydney and many parts of Australia.

The Seller’s Conveyancing Checklist Made Simple

Selling your home? Here are some important things to remember to get you through the process without breaking a sweat.
Stage 1. Contract of Sale
Often your real estate agent will prepare the contract of sale using a standard template. Whilst it is tempting to just sign on the dotted line remember that it can be costly (and may not always be possible) if you decide to not proceed with the sale. If you have any doubts or concerns then seek legal advice.
Stage 2. Signed Conditional Contract of Sale


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