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Domestic Violence Is Now Part Of Our Criminal Code

Domestic Violence whether the perpetrator is male or female, directed against a partner or in the worst scenario against children, in any form is not acceptable in our community.
Has the recent plethora of media attention supported or encouraged false claims to be made is another question?
If one believes the media attention given to this issue criminal code there would appear to be an epidemic of domestic violence which all of sudden has swamped our society.

When can a child decide where they live?

he Court’s paramount consideration when deciding where a child should live is based on the child’s best interests. There are many factors that the Court needs to consider to determine what the best interests of the child are. The Court’s primary considerations are that the child have the benefit of a meaningful relationship with both of the child’s parents and the need to protection the child from physical or psychological harm.

How Do I Obtain a Divorce Application in QLD?

The process of getting divorced is the same across Australia, as marriage and divorce are Federal responsibilities. So whether you are in Queensland or elsewhere around the country, the procedure is the same.
To obtain a divorce you need to complete and file with the Federal Circuit Court an application for a divorce. To be eligible for a divorce you need to be validly married, (not necessarily in Australia), to have been separated for at least one year, (you can be separated under one roof), and to have informed the other person that you consider that you are separated.

Cyberbullying in Australia: Contemplating Countermeasures

This article aims to briefly examine the cyberbullying issue in Australia and what can be done to minimize or eliminate its interference with the daily life. The recommendation(s) are not meant to be exhaustive, nor intended to be a substitute for any form of protection or safety. If you are subject to any form of cyberbullying, it is highly recommended to immediately seek professional help/advice as may be appropriate to your circumstances.
What is cyberbullying and how do I know if I am being bullied online?


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