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It can be an emotional and overwhelming time when someone close to you dies. To make matters more difficult, there can also be a substantial number of practical tasks that need to be attended to, and some of those tasks need to be attended to straight away. Do they have a Will? Are you entitled to anything if they don’t? Ian Field is Queensland Will and estate lawyer who specializes in contested Queensland Wills and estates legal matters as well as represents Executors during Deceased Estate administrations that do not involve any form of contest or litigation.

Elder Law | Brisbane Elder Law

Aged Care Facilities provide the support needed for the aging community while allowing an appropriate level of independence to be maintained by residents. Many elderly people reach a point where living alone in a home is no longer a realistic option.

This can be because of reduced mobility, illness, disability, or isolation, as well as the extra work it can take to maintain a home or property. Aged care facilities are a way to address these issues while ensuring as much independence as is appropriate for any elderly individual, based on their needs as they continue to age.

COVID-19 Latest Changes in Australian Immigration 2020 | Migration Law

Urgent Australian Immigration Updates on Travel, Documentation, Citizenship & Exemptions in 2020

In the wake of COVID-19, the following aims to provide some updates in relation to various Immigration matters in Australia 2020. Please, ensure to contact our Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast office for the latest changes in Australian immigration 2020 to stay current.

Why Divorce Rate in Australia been increasing for years?

Lawyers see a 40% increase Divorce Rate in Australia has been constant for years – but this year it is on the move. Corona divorces have been causing a rush to court since this summer; delays are to be expected. It is no secret to anyone that a considerable percentage of marriages end in divorce Qld. But really, how many marriages end in divorce? Below we publish the rate of divorces according to official data from the last 10 years, and we compare them with other countries.

Child Custody Law in Australia

The divorce has a direct effect on children. They have to live with either one of them. When the parents are together, they raise their children with combined efforts. And it is for sure that the parents love their children. So, who gets to keep the child or children after divorce? In this article, we will explain to you the working of child custody laws in Australia.
Parental responsibility:


Quite often Buyers can become confused when looking at settlement figures leading up to settlement and often question how adjustments and figures are calculated. It is quite common for Buyers to misunderstand settlement figures and are often concerned that they are paying for the Seller’s overdue rates or water notices.

Early Superannuation Access – How To Exercise Your Rights

In the wake of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has allowed early access to superannuation funds for certain groups of people and traders. Although the early access prescription appears easy to follow, there can be cases that fall on the eligibility borderline. The scales weigh more on the side of eligibility rather than the ineligibility side of early access for the applicant. The simple consequence of this misinterpretation could risk an eligible applicant becoming an ineligible one.

What did the Government say?

Employment lawyers Brisbane

The field of Employment Law presents many challenges for employees and employers alike.
Our partners Ian Field and Mark Game can take care of those employment law issues for you, including contract and policy preparation and review, restraint of trade issues, confidentiality, redundancy/dismissal, and general employment law issues and disputes.


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