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Integrating An Employee: An Essential Step

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The first days
and weeks are essential to seduce him and make him want to stay. The
integration of an employee begins from his first day in the company. It
consists in welcoming the employee so that he adapts to his new environment,
understands and integrates the company's operating methods, feels good, and
wishes to continue the adventure in the company. Today, 65% of companies do not
have an on-boarding process for new employees. However, this mode of operation
is appreciated by two-thirds of employees. Thus, it could be interesting for an
employer to focus on the integration of newcomers.

The consequences
of poor integration

If it is
essential to take care of the integration of its employees, it is because a
lousy integration can lead to harmful consequences. First of all, it can cause
disappointment among employees. Indeed, if people can be full of enthusiasm at
first, they can quickly see their expectations and promises broken. Poor
integration can lead to an early departure.

Moreover, 20% of
permanent contracts are terminated during the trial period at the initiative of
employees. Breaches of contracts are not only explained by poor integration,
but this can be a factor. It is also annoying for the employer to look for an
employee again despite his lack of time. Thus, employers do not gain anything
by offering poor integration to newcomers. In addition, after their departure,
employees can directly discuss their bad experiences with relatives, former
colleagues, and sometimes even on social networks, which will have negative
repercussions for the company. Thus, a bad recommendation could harm the image
of the company. 

The benefits of
good integration

If taking care
of the integration of employees represents a cost for the company, it should be
noted that the benefits of a good integration are numerous for the company.
Indeed, by taking care of employees upon their arrival in the company,
accompanying them, and giving them time to explain to them the culture of the
company, the habits of life, and their missions, the employees will be able to
be more committed towards their business. Thanks to this commitment, they will
be able to be more creative and efficient. In addition, the integration of
employees could be an attractive element for recruitments. As for those who
appreciated their integration, they will contribute to the development of the
employer brand by talking about it.

How to integrate
a new employee well?

First of all,
let us remember that good integration can be anticipated. Thus, before welcoming
the newcomer, it is preferable to prepare the necessary equipment for the
employee upstream and possibly prepare a joining kit or a welcome kit for new employees.
Some large companies also offer it. On the one hand, this action can avoid
wasting time on the day of the employee's arrival, and on the other hand, he
will be seduced by the little attention. In addition, it is essential to define
a person responsible for the integration of the employee. It will be mainly the
colleague with whom he will collaborate the most who will position himself as
the person in command of the integration.

Once the
employee arrives, the manager canto shows the company, introduces the team
members and explains the company's habits so that this one becomes familiar
with the company's way of life. In addition, to promote good integration,
managers can develop talent-based management, that is to say, management based
on employees' strengths. Finally, organize team events allow for better
integration of employees. Various types of events can be organized, such as
team breakfasts to welcome newcomers and exchange more easily with their
employees, lunches with managers to exchange with managers, and aperitifs to
exchange between employees less formally. Finally, as each profession is
different, the integration must also be further according to each one and be
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