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Empowering Creativity & Imagination: B.Des. program for a dynamic career

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The world of design is everlasting, and beautiful designs and amazing creations are non-negligible. The study of design is very dynamic and flexible. It combines technical expertise with professional expertise, improving creativity and imagination in order to expose students to the rapidly changing world of design. Fashion design programs educate students about fashion illustration, pattern making, garment manufacturing, textile science, fashion history, and fashion marketing. The Design Courses aim to develop students’ artistic skills and provide them with the practical skills and professionalism needed to pursue a variety of design related careers.

Course Overview of B.Des (Bachelor of Fashion and Design):
The curriculum of design studies at the best private university in Delhi, NCR, SGT University, places a high value on not just developing creative design talents but also on developing a thorough awareness of the market, customer behavior, and worldwide trends. This comprehensive approach guarantees that graduates are equipped to meet the ever-changing needs and continuous evolution of the design industry. The different study of design education offers employment opportunities worldwide, and it meets industry requirements by emphasizing environmentally friendly products, ethical production, and recycling practices. It impacts and interacts with other industries, such as entertainment and technology, extending its impact on modern life.

When you think of the fashion industry, words like “glamorous”, “creative”, and “stylish” likely come to mind. But did you know that majoring in fashion design offers some solid practical advantages too? Allow us to make the case for why it can be a smart career decision.

Eligibility of B.Des. programs:
The different programs of B.Des., namely Bachelor of Design in Communication Design, Bachelor of Design in Furniture and Interior Design, Bachelor of Design in Product Design, and Bachelor of Design in Animation and VFX Design, have the same eligibility criteria for enrolling in these courses. Any candidate who has obtained a 10+2 degree from a recognized board with at least 50% marks in any stream can enroll in the courses. Applications for lateral admission are also welcome. The eligibility criteria in this category is that the aspirants should have at least 3 years Diploma after 10th grade and more than 1 year Diploma after 10+2 with 50 % marks or equivalent in any branch of Fine Art, Painting, Applied Art, Sculpture, Fashion & Apparel Design, Craft, mass media, photography, advertising, Graphics, and animations

Fee structure for B.Des. programs:
For each B.Des. program, i.e., Bachelor of Design in Communication Design, Bachelor of Design in Furniture and Interior Design, Bachelor of Design in Product Design, and Bachelor of Design in Animation and VFX Design, the annual tuition fee for the scheduled 8 semesters is INR 50,000 per annum.

B.Des. (Bachelor of Fashion and Design) Courses at SGT University:
Bachelor of Design in Communication Design:
The Bachelor of Design in Communication Design is a four-year program that aims to develop a student’s talents in visual storytelling, illustration, and digital media. This encompasses many aspects of design, including branding, advertising, user experience, and multimedia design. Through hands-on projects and collaborative projects, students develop visually engaging materials and successful communication strategies. This curriculum prepares students for exciting positions in advertising agencies, design agencies, digital media agencies and corporations.

Bachelor of Design—Furniture and Interior Design:
The Bachelor of Design in Furniture and Interior Design is a four-year program that integrates aesthetics, practicality, and sustainability in interior design. Students explore design concepts, materials, and processes through hands-on experience during workshops and real-world projects. The program focuses on innovation and creativity, preparing students for careers in the interior design industry, interior design and freelance consultancy, where they can use their unique architectural ideas to bring spaces to life.

Bachelor of Design in Product Design:
The Bachelor of Design in Product Design is a four-year program that focuses on designing effective innovations that improve the user experience. Students learn to conceive and manufacture ready-to-market products by studying various aspects such as design concepts, ergonomics, materials, and manufacturing processes. With a strong emphasis on user-centered design and sustainability, graduates are well prepared for careers in manufacturing, industrial design, and business processes leading to the innovation of significant goods in the market.

Bachelor of Design in Animation and VFX Design:
The Bachelor of Design in Animation and VFX Design is an exciting four-year program that immerses students in the world of animation, visual effects, and digital storytelling. Students gain hands-on experience with the tools and techniques in industry and study key topics such as 2D and 3D animation, composition, and visual effects design. The course prepares graduates for exciting careers in animation studios, film studios, game studios and multimedia design, where they can experience amazing visual experiences and special effects.

Career opportunities after graduating from the B.Des. courses:
Below are some career opportunities for each of these Bachelor of Design programs:

Bachelor of Design in Communication Design:
Graphic Designer
UI/UX Designer
Brand Identity Designer
Advertising Art Director
Web Designer
Packaging Designer
Motion Graphics Designer
Creative Director
Bachelor of Design in Furniture and Interior Design:
Interior Designer
Furniture Designer
Exhibition Designer
Retail Space Designer
Set Designer
Sustainable Design Consultant
Lighting Designer
Residential Designer
Bachelor of Design in Product Design:
Product Designer
Industrial Designer
Concept Artist
Design Engineer
User Experience Designer (UX)
Design Researcher
Production Manager
Bachelor of Design in Animation and VFX Design:
VFX Artist
3D Modeler
Character Designer
Storyboard Artist
Texture Artist
Rigging Artist
Motion Capture Artist
Many designers work as freelancers or establish their own design studios, providing services in their respective professions. These are the few alternatives, as each field has its own specializations and career pathways.

Why should we choose SGT University’s offered B.Des. courses?
The B.Des. courses equip students with the knowledge, skills, and other attributes necessary to succeed in the design industry. It enhances their education and develops their communication skills. Through practical hands-on experience and real-world experience, the design faculty strives to empower the next generation of successful fashion designers The choice of Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) programs at SGT University offers several interesting reasons, such as:

1. Integrated Skill Development: Students learn a variety of technical skills, which are part of their curriculum and required to bring design ideas to life. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of past history and learn to recognize and evaluate contemporary trends. They also learn color theory, harmony, balance, harmony, and other principles of color to create beautiful and useful images. Good communication is important in the fashion and design industry. Students learn how to explain their design ideas, provide engaging feedback, and effectively communicate their ideas visually and verbally.

2. Access to up-to-date features and facilities: SGT University's Faculty of Design offers well-equipped laboratories and studios for sculpture, leather making, garment making, photography and quality management to provide hands-on learning and practical experience If you learn how to use computer software graphics, it will enhance the student’s technical skills.

3. Tips and tricks from industry experts: Design faculty frequently invite industry experts as guest lecturers and mentors to share their insights, provide helpful advice and offer industry insights.

4. Internship and Placement Opportunities: Professionals from the industry run a wide range of lecture courses, business trips, and workshops that connect students with the industry. Students gain practical experience and build relationships with industry professionals through internships. SGT University's design faculty’s various industry connections, in partnership with the Corporate Resource Center, ensure every student is placed in perfect jobs after their courses. Other events and alumni networks help students identify career possibilities and connect with mentors.

If you are imaginative, creative, or artistic, interested in the design and creation of the arts, and want to enhance the versatile skillset required in the dynamic field of design, the Bachelor in Design courses are the right choice for you. SGT University’s courses provide an extensive curriculum, offering a gateway to a dynamic and fulfilling career in the vibrant world of design. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, through this curriculum, students are equipped with industry-focused training, hands-on experience, and various other skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their chosen field. Whether it's communication design, furniture and interior design, product design, or animation and VFX design, SGT University's specialized programs provide the perfect platform for students to unleash their creativity, explore their passions, and make a meaningful impact in the industry.

Join SGT University, the best university in Delhi NCR, to embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and professional growth, paving the way for a bright and promising future in the ever-evolving world of design.