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Petbemo Unique Cat Collars

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PetBemo Breakaway Cat Collar Personalized Set With Bell 3 Pack Adjustable Size 9-13 inch in Length, 0.4 inchs in Width.


* UFBemo breakaway personalized cat collars with bell adjustable in 9-13 inch, Made of high quality nylon material, build for adventures.
* The bells are not too loud, they will jingle only when the cat is very active.
* With UFBemo personalized pattern cat collars with bell, your cat is superstar everywhere and never lose your cat again!

Product Parameters
Color: 3 personalized patten design
Material: Nylon
Size: 9 to 13 inches length and 0.4 inches width

1. Top quality nylon collars built to last.
2. Breakaway cat buckle promise your cats safe.
3. Chic and personalized cat collar designed for your pet.
4. Comes with 3 pack different pattern cat collars.
5. Great choice for everyday wear or holiday gift.