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Petbemo Pet Dematting Comb

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Petbemo Pet Dematting Comb:

Dematting comb is greatly for removing tangles, knots and mats. It features dual side 12+23 teeth,
the lower density side (12 teeth) is for dematting mats and tangles and the another side (23 teeth) is for thinning and deshedding as like a detangler or deshedding tool.
The comb is made of stainless steel which is designed with sharp inner blade and round end that would not hurt skin.

- Color: Yellow
- Total Length: 7.09 inches
- Teeth Wide: 2.2 inches

7 Reasons To Add Petbemo Dematting Comb To Your Pet's Grooming Tool
1. Quick and easy detangling.
2. Removes undercoat and topcoat.
3. Promotes a healthy, shiny and radiant coat.
4. Undo mats, tangles, and knots.
5. Pain-free dematting is for real.
6. Dull and rounded blades. 100% safe.
7. Waterproof storage pouch and E-book INCLUDED!

How to use
1. Finding the knots or tangles
2. Please hold the bottom of matted fur in case of caused pain
3. After dematting, please grooming and brushing your pets with slicker brush