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Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals

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With the PetBemo sharp Stainless Steel small Pet Nail trimmers you’ll be able to cut your pets nails all by yourself easily & safely!


* Angled semi-circular blades for better vision & handling.
* Razor sharp blades for smooth & clean cuts.
* Ergonmically designed non-slip handles.
* Top grade stainless steel will last for years.
* Perfect for kittens,Small dogs,Rabbits, Guinea Pigs etc.
* Recommended by pet professionals for effortless nail trimming.

1.Put your pet on your laps, touch his/her head gently to help it calm down.
2.Pick up one leg and start the trimming.
3.Hold the clipper and the nail at a 45 degree angle.
4.In case of making your pet bleed, avoid to cut near the edge of the fresh (the less transparent part ). Once it bled, use the medical cotton and hemostatic to cover the wound
5. When you done with clapping, remember to trim the hair under the feet, make it as long as the his/her footpads.
Why pets need trimming regularly?
Trimming should be a part of pet's daily cares, which need to be done routinely at least two weeks.
Long toenails might tend to fall your pet and be the breeding ground of germs.
Once the long toenails pierced into the skin, would it cause a cracking or inflammation.